Chapter 9: The Crypt of Prince Tillian Part II

Homecoming Act 1: Session 8 - Played on Sunday April 26 and May 3, 2009

Enter Vox, Barbarian Champion

the Standing before the great mausoleum of the vile Drow prince, a mixture of fear and rage washed over the group, particularly Immerien and Shar'Konin whose people have a linage of hatred toward the Drow. Their next planned actions were cut short by the sound of steel on steel and the roar of rage from behind the mausoleum.  They crept around though the trees to see what was going on.  They saw a lone Goliath warrior tangling with 5 of Tillian's skeletal soldiers surrounded by the lifeless bodies of 3 other Goliath.  The group sprung into action to aid the towering man.  The soldiers were quickly cut down.

They asked the man his name and his intentions.  He introduced himself as Vox, a champion Goliath warrior from the Great Divide on a journey of valor for his tribe.  During life, Prince Tillian visited his Goliath tribe and stole from them a holy relic, the Totem of Rye.  This totem was a stone idol of great magical power that protected their village from many dangers.  Their village has since fought for it's survival through many hardships and lost many able bodied men to them. Vox believed that Prince Tillian took the Totem of Rye to the Eastlands of Feywind.  He is here looking for the portal key he used to get there. Vox and the group decided that they had mutual objectives and joined together to sack Tillian's Crypt.  

Vox collected the bodies of this fallen companions and tended to their last rites dictated by his culture.  Christian said a prayer to the Raven Queen over them to ensure they peacefully go to whatever afterlife they believe in.

Into the Crypt

At the steps of the stone mausoleum, Christian and Vox started work on the stone door in front of them.  Each using their massive weapons to slowly chip away at the old cracked stone.  Shar'Konin asked them to step aside as he would like to give his magic a try. He said a chant and blasted a wave of sonic energy that rose up the wall shaking and cracking the loose stone.  Over and over he cast the spell crumbling the wall before them. With one last blast, the stone shattered and opened up a hole large enough for each to get though.

Inside the foyer, a stone stairs descended into blackness before them. Around the perimeter of the room, a semi circle shelf held a series of metal urns. At closer inspection the urns seem to be the remains of one of Tillian's elite guards.  The gang moved down the stairs cracking sunrods.  the stairs spilled into another room and the group moved out into it.  Immerien unknowingly stepped on a pressure plate and a large stone slab began to slide down into place in the archway between the room and the stairs.  Thinking for a moment Shar'Konin and Arkhem dashed in under the slab. Christian and Vox sprung into action. Christian, who earlier took one of the halberds, dove to the slab and wedged it between the floor and the slab. The slab grinded to a halt, but not before blowing and banding the hallow metal shaft. This was only a temporary solution. Vox dug into his backpack and fished out 4 steel climbing pitons. With Christian's warhammer, they wedged the pitons into the cracks between the slab and the wall. This felt to be a more permanent solution.

The group descended the rest of the stairs into a high ceilinged chamber with an archway on both of the right and left walls and before them an oversized set of wooden double doors. As the entered the room they heard an odd sound. The sound of an eerie pipe organ playing in the distance. The sound sent a chill down their spines, btu they knew they couldn't turn back now. On the doors, a large gold trimmed symbol that Immerien and Shar'Konin recognized as a typical elven house symbol, though very different and more twisted. Around the symbol were encrusted a number of gemstones that caught Shar'Konin's eyes. The pipe organ music hit a dissonant chord which shook the ground beneath their feet.

Skeletons and Spectral Warriors Attack

The decided to follow the right passage into a room containing 5 stone sarcophagus and a stairs leading upward to a balcony that rounded the perimeter of the room. Vox noticed another set of wooden doors similar to the ones located in the previous room. They entered the room and started up the stairs when 6 skeletal long bowman emerged from the shadows and open fired. Vox sprung into action and dove onto a sarcophagus and up to the balcony level pulling himself up. The others spanned out and began tossing spells at the archers. Christian and Immerien ran up the stairs and engaged the skeletons. After a grueling battle, the skeletons crumbled before the heroes. They moved to the large doors at the end of the balcony. Christian and Vox pryed them open and entered the room. Side they found a larger sarcophagus carved in the shape of a hulking dryder with a large stone statue of a halberdier on either side. Shar'Konin and Immerien speculated that this creature was one of Tillian's personal bodyguards. Vox and Christian moved to open the stone lid. With the help of all of the heroes, the stone began to slide. As they did so, a flash of purple light from the 2 towering statues caught their attentions. A spectral figure of the statue stepped out of the place the statue stood. They swung their halberds at the heroes in protection of the sarcophagus. Immerian mounted the sarcophagus and leaped over the carvings behind the specter slashing into it. Christian raised his massive war hammer smashing into the halberdier. The group went round and round with the specters slicing them to pieces that wisped into nothingness as they ripped from the ghostly creature. Arhkem took a deep wound from of the halberds and retreated onto the balcony to catch his breath. Outside he found more of the skeletal archers ascending the stairs with their bows trained on him. He took an arrow in his leg. The pipe organ music hit another dissonant chord that unnerved him.

After the specters were destroyed, the closed the doors to take a well needed rest after the combats. Vox, with a great feat of strength, managed to push the sarcophagus lid off and onto the floor snapping the legs of the carved dryder. Inside he found the remains of a long dead dryder. Vox ripped the skull of the creature off and held it over his head and let out a bestial roar before smashing it onto the stone floor. While in the room resting, they could still hear the faint sound of the pipe organ playing. The sound made them question whether or not they had the nerve to continue.

To The Main Chamber.

After a short rest, the group exited the chamber to find that the skeletons have retreated into the blackness. They made their way down to the main double doors. Vox and Christian looked at one another and started pulling on them with all their might…

more to come



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