Chapter 6: The Baron's Town of Auguston

Homecoming Act 1: Session 6 - Played on Sunday February 15, 2009

A Day of Research

The next morning Arkhem, Shar'konin and Immerien returned to the Hall of Knowledge and spent the day researching the portals and the Wandering Prophet respectively. Christian went to the Temple and spoke to the head Raven Queen cleric, Father Calvin. Father Calvin told Christian he would go to the Arch Bishop of Auguston, a cleric of Behumet, to see what he suggested but in the mean time would send word to the Order of the Raven Queen by ritual. While they awaited an answer, Christian decided to stay at the temple archives and help the priests there.

Arkhem and Shar'konin Visit The Rider

Both Arkhem and Shar'konin had items that they wanted enchanted and each took them to the Rider's Shoppe in town and met with them and received quotes on how much it would cost to do so. While travel to and from the shop, they each witnessed a trapper spinning a wondrous yarn about his adventures the night previous. He was standing in from of the carcass of an enormous white dire bear.  He went on to speak of a small area of the woods that was covered in snow; an area of snow that is much too small for a normal snow storm to caused it. Both Arkhem and Shar'konin realized that this is very atypical for both Dire bears and Polar bears, much less a combination of the two, to be located in these parts.

Dinner with the Master

The research trio sat down that evening to have dinner with Master Fairfax and discuss what they have found during their day of study.  Arkhem opened with his readings of the Wandering Prophet.  He copied down all the information that he could find that may be prudent to their situation. This is what he found…


After a bit of discussion concerning their interpretations of these passages, they moved on to the portal.  Their research yielded this…

This is a summary of their findings.

The Glass Orbs:
  The glass is blown from natural chemicals found in Feywind is and typically referred to in his world as "Fey Glass".  The glass is naturally magically resistance which was most likely employed to strongly repel any magical beings or creatures from other planes that may stumble upon the portals that are contained within the glass. The glass is physically extremely fragile and needed to be magically strengthened thought rituals.  Since the glass is so magically resistant, the rituals needed frequent upkeep as the magic would ware off quickly.  These rituals were apparently not kept up by the necromancer that was found dead in the crypt room by Arkhem.

The Portals:  The portals inside were essentially, a small sampling of the space time continuum of the plans that they when were harvested from. The creator of these portals traveled to those planes and though powerful ritual magic would harvest a small piece of the space time continuum and contained them in the Fey Glass. Later they were deployed inside the fey glass orbs and converted into Space and Time portals. Though another series of powerful rituals someone could use the portals to travel to any place OR any time of the destination plane.

Now that they are broken: Now that there are two broken orbs with exposed portals, it is imperative that the portals are banished so that the space and time of the portals do not meld with that of our own.  The longer the portals are exposed to our plane, the larger and more powerful they will become and eventually our space and time will begin to absorb the foreign space and time essentially opening a permanent hole between the plane and ultimately melding the planes.

These rituals are very powerful and will require a high level of wizardry to perform.  Master Fairfax suggests that he should contact is order of wizards in Lashett Port (the capitol of Lyre) to aid in bashing the portals.  He believes they will be more than eager to travel to Valewood Hallow to be part of this ritual.  He explains that it is a very rare thing and they would love to learn from the experience.

The group also then discussed the snow field and the wayward dire polar bears.  They believe that based on the uncanny likeness of the readings from the Wandering Prophets book to the current situation, that they should investigate the snow field and see what is to be found there.  They also believe it would be a good opportunity to hunt their town dire bears and harvest the hides to sell off and fund their efforts.

Who Could Possibly Hate The Rider?

The group set out with a very eager Master Fairfax… Eager to get his hard dirty with some old fashion dwarven bear hunting.  They stopped at the trappers stand at the market place and struck a deal with him to trade services for the information of where the snowfield was located.  After bartering a bit they came to an agreement and were off to the hunt. They stopped to get their horses at their Inn at the edge of town and noticed Constable Thomas Stanley of Valewood Hallow leaving the inn and riding out of town. They were no more than 100 feet out of town on their horses when Master Fairfax stopped his horse for a moment then spun around and galloped back into town like a bat out of hell. The group followed.  A few seconds later they heard an explosion that shook the ground. They rode back into town to find people lying in the streets injured and other screaming for help.  The Rider Edward Greene's shop lay in ruins as it seemed to explode in all directions.  Only a crater left behind in its place.  Master Fairfax explained that he had felt an extreme drain of magic from the area just before the explosion and knew something of that strength couldn't be good.

Immerien sprung into action and ran into a burning building to the right of the explosion and found a woman pinned under her bed on the second floor.  He made his way to her though the flame lifting beams and throwing debris. He reached her and began to lift the heavy bed away from her when another townsperson ran into the room and aided him in his efforts. When they finally got her out, she had passed out from inhalation. He took her to the street and called the doctor over who has since showed up and was helping the injured.

Arkhem followed suite and ran into the left building yelling to some onlookers to help.  They ran in and found two in the first flood who has also been injured and were trapped.  Arkhem and another man lifted an extremely heavy beam from the chest of an older man and took him to safety.

Master Fairfax and Shar'konin investigated the crater and uncovered a few of The Rider's orbs that had been undamaged.  Norman Gibson and his men arrived and began helping the wounded and investigating the scene.

Gibson greeted the group and recognized them as "the heroes of Valewood Hallow" his pretention and selfish personality hardly being disguised. They conversed for awhile as Gibson told them "there should be more men like you in the world… it would be a better place” it took all the group had in them not to spit in his face.

They uncovered that the pieces of the broken frame of the building were covered in some kind of obviously magical ice. Normal fire has no effect on this ice.  This was only more information that pointed to the passages Arkhem has found in the Wandering Prophets tomes. But the real question is… who could possibly hate The Rider Edward Greene to the point that he would be murdered in such a manner?

Master Fairfax decided to return to the Hall of Knowledge to study the ice while the others tended to their business in the woods.

Bear Hunting!

The group traveled out of town following the directions given to them by the trapper. They were by this point extremely excited to hunt the bear and get their prized hide. They saw the large oak tree landmark and made their way out into the woods.  After a few miles they saw the glowing light that was described to them in the trappers recount.  The light seemed to illuminate the small area of woods.  They reached the lighted area and saw a perfectly white field of show reflecting the light of the moon.  The area was only 50 foot round and couldn’t have possibly been natural.  Arkhem put on his magic goggles and saw an aura of magic radiating from the center of the field.  They knew that was the point of origin for a spell that had been cast that caused the snow to fall. But what of the polar bear?  How did they get here too?

Immerien searched around the parameter of the field when he heard rustling of branches in the woods.  Suddenly they rushed towards him and he fled for cover from the 10 foot white bear barreling down upon him.  The bear snatched him and mauled him as the other ran to aid him.  They tangled with the bear for some time and weakened it with spells and Immerien's powerful daggers. A smaller cub ran from the north and attack Arkhem but they easily wounded it and it fled into the woods.  Finally the larger male succumbed to his wounds and fell. The group tracked the cub into the woods finally finding it licking its wounds.  They finished it off and claimed their prize.

And Now, The Biggest Problem in D&D History. 

How to get Three Tons of Bear Back To Town.

The discussion was long and arduous, but they couldn’t imagine losing this prize.  The hides along would bring them enough money to fund all of their efforts. It took them while and a number of castings, but they managed to get (with the help of the horses) the large bear onto 3 floating disc.  They decided to come back for the other when they got to town. They met a merchant with a wagon on the trail and offered to pay him handsomely to use the wagon to get the bears back to town.  They managed to do so and all was well.

Ambushed by that Weasel Gibson!

I ran out of time so this is a shortened version so Christian who was absent from the last game can catch up.

They were on the way back and a traveler was having trouble with their wagon.  They group stopped to help.  They were Suspicious because this is what always happened just before an ambush.  Immerien saw the ambush coming but wasn’t fast enough… two men who were obviously soldiers of Auguston popped up and shot crossbows at Arkhem and Immerien.  Another man who looked Conan like ran from the woods at Shar'Konin.  They tangled with the men and nearly killed both Immerien and Arkhem but in the end they were victors. They are now worried if they can go back into town or not. 

That sucked so I’ll rewrite it in more detail very soon.




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