St Milo Keep

The Royal Keeps of Lyre

Just after the first treaty between the Dwarves of Ragnara 160 years ago, a holy order a paladins of Bahamut were charged to set up a series of defensive keeps throughout Lyre. Each of the senior members choose strategic location and began constuction with their dwarven brethren. Each keep was then named after the kngiht overseeing its construction.

St. Milo Keep

St. Milo Keep is today an awkwardly placed keep in an out of the way location a half days ride north of Valewood Hallow just within the Ashenwood Forest. Since the borders of Lyre expanded northward, it is no longer as nessicary as a defensive keep as it once was. Today, the keep is only manned by a skeleton crew of soldiers. It has been talked about for years by the lordish to completely shut down St Milo.

When St Milo was in full force and in close proximity to Valewood Hallow, many older knights have taken up residence in the small town staying there only when not on active duty. The town is also is a great place for aged knights settling into retirement.

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St Milo Keep

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