Northern War

The Great Northern War

The Great Northern War began 32 years ago between the Kingdom of Lyre and the barbaric tribes of the northlands. The tribes consisted of human fighting along side orcish beasts and giants. The war raged for 8 long years. The first 3 years of the war were hard and seemed an impossible victory for Lyre. The northern tribes pushed their way down so far as the Ashwood Forest before they were flanked by the Dwarves of Ragnara to the east. Dwarf, Eladrin and Human all allied against the evils from the north and were pushed back to their icy lands to the north. The Norhtern Wall was constructed which Spans from the western Talon Mountains across the northern border to and into Ragnara.

The Northern Wall Border Guard

The kingdom and its northern borders are kept safe by the Northern Wall Border Guard. These guardsman are the hardest, most skilled, and most self sacrificing of all warriors in Lyre. They give their lives over to their duty. They give up the prospect of ever marrying or having a family. Sub-zero tempertures rack their bodies day in and day out all in the line of duty. The people of Lyre sleep soundly at night knowing that these men are protecting them. These men are hailed above all others in Lyre for they stare hell in the face each and every day.

The Northern Border Guard also set up an alert system in case of invasion. Starting at the Northern wall and in key locations around Lyre all which are visible to at least 2 other unique watch locations (usually high atop the peaks of the Great Divide and the Old Talon Mountains) lookout posts were constructed that watch the other locations.  In case of invasion, a bonfire is lit within the tower of the lookout tower to alert Lyre of the impending doom and to mobilize their forces. Each tower will light in succession to alert other visible towers. (Out of game reference, exactly like Lord of the Rings)

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Northern War

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