Shar'konin's Family and Background

Shar'konin's Family

Your father's name is Alyllyra Aranwion of House Aranwion. He is a fairly well to do Eladrin spice merchant that was away from home most of your life only returning for a month 3 times out of the years. The rest of the time his trade business took him back and forth between Feywind, Cytheria and the the Kindom of Lyre.  He is a high morale man with contacts all over Lyre.  He has met and dined with King John IV of Lyre on a number of occasions.

You were born in the Eladrin city of Cytheria which is located in a hidden glade between the peaks of the great divide in the Human Kingdom of Lyre (refer to the map on Obsidian Portal).  Most of humankind has no knowledge of the existence of Cytheria and it is a closely guarded secret of the Eladrin people. It is nearly impossible to find without knowing exactly how to get there.

As with all of Eladrin Families, your father had little to no involvment in the early years of your rearing, but upon coming of age, he began teaching you the ways of his business so that one day you can take over for him.  His spice is packaged and branded with the name of your family, "House Aranwion".  He travels to Feywind where he owns 2 spice harvesting operations.  YOu have 5 distinct spices.

  • House Aranwion Ashlin
    A cinnamon like that is typically dusted onto pastries to bring out the sweat flavor with a slight bitter contrast. Ashlin has a tendency to cause a euforic effect when consumed.  When consumed to excess, it can cause intoxication.

  • House Aranwion Bilberry
    Another spice use in pasties, but is typically baked into the dough.  Bilberry is a strong mixture of fruit and sugar.  This is a very expensive spice for it is very hard to cultavate.

  • House Aranwion Marsilver
    A very hot and spicy plant that is crushed and added to sauses.  Marsilver is a very dangerous spice for it has flamable properties and can cause internal bleeding in Humans and Halfings if used to excess.

  • House Aranwion Spiderwart
    Made from the silk of Feywind Mud Spiders, this spice is in liquid for.  It is very similar to chocolate as it is used in candies and pasties.  It has a black tar consistency and as well causes euforia.  This is the most popular and expensive spice House Aranwion sells. Spiderwart Sticks are a very popular adult snack served in Lyre.

  • House Aranwion Terricore
    Sold in 6 inch stalks that are bent and snapped and drained of the powder found within, this spice is a very popular food additive. terricore has a peppery flavor and has the tendency to cause warming in the stomach when consumed.

Your mother's name is Enelya Aranwion (previously of House Fefalas). She was is a very skilled silk worker until she had children.  You have 2 younger sisters named Lúthien and Lessien. When you left home you mother made youa  black silk scarf with the crest of House Aranwion embroidered in gold at the end.  Your sisters gave you a small necklace made from pearls they collected from the lake oysters in Cytheria Lake.

It is up to you to complete your lifes journey.  Between the age of 8 and 14 you take residence in the town of Valewood Hallow and are taken under the wing of Guildmaster Luther Seigfried of the Lamp Lighters. How and why are up to you.  Luther Seigfried is a good man and treats you like and equal and will teach you as you wish. During this time you become particularly close to Bill, Brian, and Jesko's characters. At age 16 the Lamp Lighters release you to adulthood and you all make a solumn oath. If any one of you or Guildmaster Seigfried ever are in need, you will all return to Valewood Hallow. At age 25, you receive that call.

Shar'konin's Background

After leaving the Lamp Lighters, at age 16, Shar'konin returned to Cytheria.  In Alyllyra's mind the first order of business was for Shar'konin to finish his proper Eladrin education.  Shar'konin was enrolled in Cytheria Academy.  There he developed a reputation of being brash and unrefined.  The teachers and his mother, Enelya, explained it away; saying that he had spent too many years with the humans.  However, Alyllyra would not stand for it and began expressing his malcontent for Shar'konin's behaviour.  His father's disapproval was enough for Shar'konin to shape up but only breifly.  It didn't take long for "the human influence", as his mother called it, to anger parents of students and teachers at the academy.

A visitor for diner at House Aranwion would cement Shar'konin's fate.  Enelya's aunt had come for diner one evening.  Shar'konin's great aunt was not a frequent vistor; this night she had brought her husband whom Shar'konin could not recall meeting previously.  Shar'konin's great uncle, related only through marriage, was a master wizard from the Cytheria Institute of Magic.  The Cytheria Institute of Magic was not a place where scholarly men sat around and read books while wearing pointed hats.  No, it was more like a military school; a place where young men were harshly disciplined.  A school whose purpose was to train the Eladrin to wield magic in hopes of gaining supremacy in any struggle with the Drowl.  That evening at the diner table it was decided that Shar'konin would be enrolled.

This was all well and good to Shar'konin.  During the four years with Luther, Shar'konin had picked up a foundness for things magical. 

You don't learn much magic in your first few years at the Institute.  It's a lot history and arcane lore.

more to come …


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Shar'konin's Family and Background

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