Shar'konin's Exposition

A Final Test

The scene opens with Shar'konin standing in a dark dungeon standing in an inch of water.  Around him are the fallen bodies of his Eladrin companions.  The light from 2 torches flickers barely giving enough light to see the 2 drow standing before him, one with a bow drawn and pointed directly at his head and the other holding a knife to the throat of a beautiful Eladrin woman.  Shar'konin opens with a sleep spell button the archer down.  Blinded by his rage toward the Drow race and his fallen comrades, Shar'konin begins hurling spell at the other with little regard to the captive girl. After easily besting the drow with electricity in the wet cave, Shar'konin runs to the aid of the girl. She is only minor hurt by his spells and manages to get her to safety.

Shar'konin comes out of the dreamlike state he was in realizing that it was all an illusion.  His mentor Callius walks to him and critiques his performance. "You are an aspiring diplomat? For a diplomacy test, you didn’t use much in the way of diplomacy, my boy. Your hatred toward the Drow got the better of you. Your #1 concern is to see the girl to safety. Which you managed to do by the skin of your teeth…  So how can I say you didn’t pass?"

As the men talk, the Sparrow from Luther's animal messenger egg flies down and whispers… "Return to Valewood Hallow.  You are needed."

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Shar'konin's Exposition

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