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Character Backgrounds and Family History

If you are a PC in this campaign, it is very important than you do not read other character's backgrounds. Please only reference your own.

Charater families were written and supplied to by the GM as a starting point to charatcter history.

The History of Lyre

History of Valewood Hallow

  • The Count and Baron of Ashenwood
  • Life in Valewood Hallow
  • The Constabulary
  • The Lamplighters Guild
  • Ashenwood Forest & The Unexplored North

Outside of Lyre

  • The Dwarves of Ragnara (Coming Soon)
  • The Elves of Ryandaar (Coming Soon)
  • North of the Wall (Coming Soon)

  • The Eladrin of Feywind (Coming Soon)
    This is information that only the Eladrin would be privy to. The titles of the information below might be something you've heard in legends or stories involving the Elves and/or High Elves, but there arent facts available to those of you who are born and raised in Lyre.

Main Page

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