Immerien 's Family and Background

Immerien's Family

You father is called Elongwen Myna Lelyan Nerka Gwenoic Seanoic Mallyra, Lord of Lucretia the City of Light in Feywind.  You are the second son of Elongwen making your name Immerien Elongwii Myna Lelyan Nerka Gwenoic Seanoic. Your brother and first born in the lord's line is called is Nengwen Elongwen Myna Lelyan Nerka Gwenoic Seanoic.

You have a mother called Jalonna and a sister Ysonna who is betrothed to Dira Yseangwen Nwvyan Rilyan Meabrylla Seara Dwna, first son of Yseangwen Nwvyan Rilyan Meabrylla Seara Dwna Miniv, Lord of Sirena the City of Eternal Night in Feywind.

You were born in the Eladrin city of Cytheria which is located in a hidden glade between the peaks of the great divide in the Human Kingdom of Lyre (refer to this map).  Humankind has no knowledge of the existence of Cytheria and it is a closely guarded secret of the Eladrin people. It is nearly impossible to find without knowing exactly how to get there. You are of noble Eladrin blood and that birth right grants power over the people of Cytheria but has little to no use outside it or Feywind. 

When you were 10 years old, you grandfather Myna Lelyan Nerka Gwenoic Seanoic Mallyra Flynnion passed on and your father left your family and moved on to Feywind to take his rightful place as Lord of Lucretia. He left with you and your brother, your birthright… a Royal Signet Ring with the symbol of your lineage, the Great Tree of Light.  The actual Great Tree of Light grows tall and strong in the front courtyard of the Light Palace of Lucreti.

It is up to you to complete your lifes journey.  Between the age of 8 and 14 you take residence in the town of Valewood Hallow and are taken under the wing of Guildmaster Luther Seigfried of the Lamp Lighters. How and why are up to you.  Luther Seigfried is a good man and treats you like and equal and will teach you as you wish. During this time you become particularly close to Tony, Brian, and Jesko's characters. At age 16 the Lamp Lighters release you to adulthood and you all make a solumn oath. If any one of you or Guildmaster Seigfried ever are in need, you will all return to Valewood Hallow. At age 25, you receive that call.

Immerien's Character Background

Early years
Born in Cytheria, Immerien spent the first eight summers of his life in the City of Mists.  During these eight summers and even though he was the second born son of Elongwen, Immerien was instructed in the same manner as Nengwen.  This was the house tradition, as several battles from the time of war and ruin claimed the lives of the Lord and the heir.  

Immerien often found himself bored with the standard teachings presented to him and Nengwen.  Not that Immerien did poorly with his studies, but quite the opposite; he learned lessons on arithmetic, history, and other similar subjects rapidly and grew weary of the pace of the instruction.  However with other more interesting and practical activities, like swordsmanship, alchemy, and magic, Immerien found he couldn’t get enough instruction.  

So Immerien found himself sneaking off to talk with his father’s head of security, Rialen (pronounced Ri-ah-len).  Immerien was fascinated with Rialen’s ability to turn what some would consider seemingly innocuous parlor tricks into amazing displays of marksmanship ever since he could remember.  One of his favorites was watching Rialen pull sharp throwing implements (like daggers or shurikens) out of almost mid-air and put them through targets on the other side of the Great Hall.  Rialen participated in the many challenges held that allowed the Eladrin to further demonstrate their talents with magic, sword, and bow.  The City of the Mists held challenges and contests that offered some of the most elegant displays of swordsmanship in all of Lucretia and certainly most parts of the Kingdom of Lyre.

When Rialen was busy with matters of state, Immerien would find time to talk to his father’s closest advisor on magic matters, Paeleon (pronounced Pay-lee-on).  Immerien would talk to Paeleon for hours about visualizing the streams of arcane energies and the use of the energy.  Living in Cytheria, Immerien had some knowledge of the seemingly different streams of energy in the world and in Feywind.  Paeleon was able to take some time and teach Immerien how to find the energies and the differences between casting in the world and in Feywind.

The only thing both Immerien and Nengwen could agree on learning, was that both of them enjoyed spending time with Berrien; an Eladrin warlord, loyal friend to the House of Morrowwind, and captain of the House guard and legion of Lucretian Knights in Cytheria.  Berrien taught the boys how to handle a longsword and supervised their many hours sparring.
Valewood Hollow and the Lamplighters Guild
As the boys grew older, Nengwen followed his instructor’s regimented learning plans while Immerien appeared in the vicinity of mischief on a more frequent basis.  Elongwen grew tired of hearing complaints (although each complaint was followed by many compliments of Immerien’s gracious and noble demeanor) and one day decided that Immerien needed some time to grow on his own away from Cytheria.

Elongwen consulted his scholarly advisors and was reminded of the Lamplighters Guild in Valewood Hollow in the Kingdom of Lyre.  The guild was run by a scholar and adventurer, Luther Siegfried.  Elongwen knew of Luther, a veteran from that world’s Northern War.  Myna sent ten legions of Lucretian Knights to battle the northern tribes after word reached Cytheria that the tribes were advancing on Ashenwood Forest.  Luther, one of the only humans with the vague knowledge that Cytheria existed, delivered word of the advancing Northern Tribe to Elongwen.  

Elongwen, Immerien, Rialen, and a small detachment of the Cytherian Guard went into the Kingdom of Lyre before daybreak one day following the eighth harvest.  Elongwen passed (what he considered) vital knowledge to Immerien along their several days ride to Valewood Hollow.  They discussed Cytheria and why the location was secret from most in the Kingdom of Lyre; importance of his lineage and how it would not serve him to reveal to anyone in the Kingdom of Lyre that he is an Eladrin prince in the House of Morrowwind – a more appropriate cover would be a vagrant from Cytheria; appropriate means for him to travel and communicate with his family; where he was to stay and live; what he was to learn and pursue until it was time for him to return to Cytheria and ultimately Feywind.

Elongwen and Immerien met with Luther Seigfried several days later.  After an hour of closed door discussion, Elongwen and Luther emerged from his office.  Elongwen bid his son fare-thee-well and left with Rialen and the guardsmen to return to Cytheria.  Luther welcomed Immerien into the Lamplighters Guild.  

The first season was the most challenging for Immerien.  Normally given the freedoms to do, say, and pursue as he decided, the Lamplighters Guild was a rather regimented group with emphasis on discipline.  Once Immerien felt as though he belonged to something larger than himself, he worked with his fellow Lamplighters to refine the choreography that was the lighting of the lamps.  This refinement highlighted the ceremonial aspects of the lamp lighting and brought additional discipline and consistency to the evening routine.

While a member of the Lamp Lighters Guild, Immerien continued to practice his swordsmanship with the longsword Berrien used to train him.   

Passing of Myna
Following Immerien’s tenth harvest, his grandfather fell ill and passed on.  Some thought this was odd, as Myna was in his two hundred and fiftieth summer and should have had almost another fifty harvests before his passing was expected.  However, no one in his court thought to question or consider his death foul play, as Myna was a kind and compassionate ruler and had no enemies.

Elongwen, however, was a wise and learned scholar and was not one to stop thinking.  Elongwen and Jalonna turned over rule of Cytheria to Nengwen and left immediately for Lucretia.  Ysonna remained in Cytheria to assist her brother with the affairs of state until she was due to join Dira, her betrothed, in Sirena – The City of Eternal Night.  Rialen, Paeleon, Berrien, and the other trusted counsel for the House of Morrowwind and Cytheria also remain to guide Nengwen.

Rialen sent Immerien word of his grandfather’s death using a magical avian courier.  The message contained two parts; one part provided instructions to Immerien should he return to Feywind he was to immediately contact Rialen, Paeleon, or Berrien upon arriving in Cytheria and before continuing his journey.   The second part of the message contained directions and a password that would allow Immerien access to a rogue’s guild that could provide training to Immerien in a manner similar to how Rialen was trained, but only after he was released from the Lamp Lighters Guild.  The series of passwords – “Bilin lakat ka ruba” and “Ly lakat bilini” – looked odd to Immerien, as it looked like another language (later he would learn it was Thieves Cant) that he had never seen.  Once the message was delivered, the avian flew off into the night and was never seen again.

Release from the Lamp Lighters Guild
The next six seasons went by quickly for Immerien.  After building a close friendship with Shar’konin, Christian, and Arkhem (several other Lamp Lighters), they all take an oath to return to Valewood Hollow should they or Guildmaster Seigfried call.

One bright morning, Immerien packed his belongings and left Valewood Hollow for the forest of sol and the neighboring village of Marrowberry.  Ten days later, Immerien’s journey ended as the path led him from the forest of sol into the bustling village of Marrowberry.   After a good meal and a night’s rest, Immerien made his way using the directions to the guild hall.  Oddly enough, Immerien found himself standing in a dimly light alley in front of a rather plain-looking heavy oaken door.  

After he pounded his fist three times on the door, a small panel was pulled from the middle of the door.  Immerien found himself looking at an individual whose shadowy features were well disguised by their hooded robe.  The passphrases were provided, in order and in response to the questions asked by the doorman.  The door opened and Immerien entered.  The door closed quickly behind him and he was wisked down several candle lit corridors to a large room with a massive table in the middle.  Immerien sat at the table in the meeting hall and was “greeted” in moments by an elf dressed in muted green hunting attire bearing two daggers.  The elf walked to the head of the table and set down his daggers at his place.  Varien, the de-facto while his father (the Guildmaster) and other members were visiting another guild, introduced himself and welcomed Immerien to the Order of Made Men in Marrowberry.  He apologized for walking out with the daggers drawn, but explained that he heard conflicting information on his way.  First, that there was an unknown outside seeking entrance.  But what wasn’t clearly communicated was that the unknown seeking entrance had one of a limited set of Cant phrases given to extremely privileged guild members.  Immerien explained the phrases were given to him by a very close family friend and that he was told to come here to learn what he could.

Varien later introduced Immerien to Theren, his father and Guildmaster.  Theren recognized the phrases Immerien used were from before the time of the Northern War and given to members on the Guild’s council.  Theren welcomed Immerien and allowed him the option to train and prove himself worthy enough to be considered a rogue.

Fortunately, there was some honor among these thieves – the jobs Varien took Immerien on involved hitting the unsavory types along the roads around Marrowberry.

Over the next nine seasons, Immerien became proficient with the dagger and shuriken and learned various useful skills from the rogues in the guild.  He continued to work on his proficiency with a longsword during the little free time he had outside of jobs and lessons.

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Immerien 's Family and Background

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