Arkhem's Family and Background

Arkhem's Family History

Your father's name is Charles Griffin Sr.  He is a master stone carver who takes extreme pride in his work. He started out working in the Old Talon mines under the employee of the Dwarves of Ragnara. During the war he fought in the first unit of dwarven warriors to join the war consisting of the miners from Old Talon. This objective was to hold the mine at all cost.  The efforts were ultimately not successful and the mines were taken.

After the war, the dwarves taught your father the skill of stone carving and promoted from grunt worker to stone carver. He traveled to many of the large cities around Lyre working on Cathedrals, Castles, Keeps and manor homes.  His grandest work cant be found in the Garden of Sol, a sanctuary for all neutral and good aligned holy men.

As he grew older, he decided to settle in the small town of Valewood Hallow where he met your mother, Victoria O'Connell, the daughter of aged knight, Sir Julius O'Connell who also resides in Valewood Hallow.  She was far younger than Charles, but his decorated military past was enough to garner a blessing from Sir Julius.

You have an older brother named Charles Griffin Jr (age 30), who is has been your father's stone working apprentice since he was 11 years old.  He is now a partner in your father's business, "Griffin Stone Cutters of Valewood Hallow". 

Your relationship with your father and brother has never been very good.  Your father's first son is the always been the favored child.  When you showed little to no interest in becoming a master stone carver your relationship worsened.  Your brother was a bully that treated you like dirt knowing that he would never get in trouble for doing so.  Your mother never outwardly showed favortism to any child, but by the way she looks at you, you can tell that she love you more.

Your grandfather, Sir Julius (who everyone, including you and your family, calls simply “Sir") was always very nice to you and you looked at him as more of a father figure than your actual father.  Sir Julius is a very good friend of Luther Seigfried and respects the lamplights guild very much.  your father on the other hand always thought the Lamplights were a waste of time…  "It’s my job to raise my children, not that old coot, Seigfried.  it's a waste of time, my son is a Stone Carver, not a Lamp Lighter."

It is up to you to complete your lifes journey.  Between the age of 8 and 14 are still living in Valewood Hallow and are taken under the wing of Guild Master Luther Siegfried of the Lamp Lighters. How and why are up to you.  Luther Siegfried is a good man and treats you like and equal and will teach you as you wish. During this time you become particularly close to Bill, Brian, and Tony's characters. One point that is important to bear in mind, The Lamplighters Guild is something that everyone is very proud of.  It is a brotherhood that created strong ties between you and the others including the NPC alumni and current members. At age 16 the Lamp Lighters release you to adulthood and you all make a solemn oath. If any one of you or Guild Master Siegfried ever are in need, you will all return to Valewood Hallow. At age 25, you receive that call.


Arkhem's Character History

About a month before Arkhem's 8th birthday his grandfather and mother helped him make a decision that would change his life forever. They both saw that he showed no interest in following his father's footsteps like his brother so they decided to give him a different option. The Lamp Lighters Guild. He jumped at this idea because it meant not going with his father to work and be forced to learn how to carve stone. Arkhem didn't think his father would allow this but his mother told him she wanted him to and his grandfather added that his father would listen to him. True enough he did.
He very much enjoyed his time in the guild. He never once got tired of lighting the lamps. Luther did what ever he could to feed the children's minds so they would be more prepared for the world that awaited them. He had classes for them during the day. He made sure they could all read and write properly. It was pretty much a school for them. Arkhem made alot of friends while there but he made 3 very good ones. He and his current companions spent alot of their time together. Graduation day was both a happy and sad day. He was happy that he earned the respect of Luther along with his mother, grandfather and friends. It was the fact that it was ending that made him sad. His friends would all be leaving to go home and there would be no more lamps to light. They made their pact. Said their goodbyes and parted ways.
Arkhem quickly grew tired of his home life after leaving the guild. His father would not let up about him wasting his life lighting lamps when he should of been carving stone. He got so fed up with this that he made the decison to leave Valewood for sometime. While eating lunch in the local inn one day he saw a posting for a Lumber Mill out of Blackrock that was hiring new workers. The pay looked decent enough and it sounded alot better then staying in Valewood did at that time. When he told his mother it looked like her heart broke in two but she told him that she loved him and that she understood why he had to get away. With alittle money from his mom and grandfather he left Valewood and headed south for Blackrock. Arkhem leaving didn't phase his father or brother in the least.
He got hired on at the lumber mill but things didn't turn out like he hoped. Living in Blackrock was alittle more expensive then he thought it was going to be. After about 6 months in Blackrock there was no way to get around the fact that he was very poor. He thought for alittle while about going back home but he didn't want to give his father the satisfaction of seeing him fail.
One day at work he and a friend were talking. A dwarf by the name of Gegan Longbeard. They somehow got on the topic of money and how both of them had none. Gegan mentioned that he may have a way for them to both get some extra coin but he would talk to him after work about it. They met later that night for some drinks. Gegan told him that he had a friend that knew where a good bit of gold was and a easy way for them to get it.
Arkhem wasn't sure what to do. He needed the money but he didn't feel right about the way they were going to get it. Gegan told him that he had a few days to decide and to think hard about it. Two days later Gegan came to him and asked for a decision. Arkhem had thought hard about what to do and desperation had won him over. He said yes.
Later that night he hooked up with Gegan and 3 other people. One of them, Markis was the guy that had the info and was setting up the job. Arkhem still didn't feel right about this but it was too late to back out now. Everything went perfect. They got in and out with no problems. It was easy money and with it life got alittle easier in Blackrock. A few weeks later Gegan came to him and said that Markis wanted to meet again if he was interested. He didn't want to admit it but he was curious.
It ended up that Markis was the leader of a small gang of thiefs in Blackrock. He was impressed with the job they did and offered for them to join with him. He said that they would be given equal cuts of all the loot the took. Gegan said yes and so did Arkhem. For the next few years they ran jobs together. Arkhem quit the lumber mill and starting living on the money that he helped take. He even had money and time to travel home to see his mother and grandfather. While he was there he would make up stories about his job. Everything seemed to be going good for him. They did have  their share of trouble along the way but it was nothing compared to the last job they ran together. Markis was being paid to retrieve some items from a mansion a few days ride from the city. Markis didn't usually go on jobs with them anymore but this time he did. Which meant big money was coming thier way.
The place was lightly guarded but they mananged to get by and get in. They found the items they were looking for. Arkhem picked up one of them, a silver brooch with a ruby in the center. Once they got a safe distance away they decided to make camp and rest for the few hours they had left of night. During the short time that he slept. Arkhem had a very strange dream. It was of a women staring at him just saying his name over and over in almost a chant.
The morning came and they got back on the road again. Later that night while the group was camping it was Arkhem's turn on watch. He was sitting there silent in the darkness and he heard the voice from his dream. "Arkhem" she said. "I've been waiting for someone like you to come along for a very long time" He could tell that his ears were not hearing this but his mind. "you have the gift in you and with me I can make you stronger then any of these fools here". "who are you?" he whispered. "my name is not important all I can tell you right now that I am someone of great power that can help you". "help me how? Arkhem again whispered. "I will be honest with you Arkhem, the gift you have is rare and while in my service makes me stronger,I can give you power Arkhem, power like you have never seen before. I can make you live longer, give you the tools to strive for wealth and power. You life will still be your own but from time to time I may call on you"
Arkhem thought for a moment. "call on me for what?" he said. "Things I may need done, nothing too terrible I'm sure. I want you to stay alive and well." He laughed alittle bit when she said that. "all you have to do, is take out my brooch, say the words "I bind my lifeforce with your's my mistress" then it will be done" The voice then stopped talked and left him again alone in the silence.
He sat there for awhile staring at the brooch. He said the words. After he finished the gem flared a bright red, his hand felt like it was on fire. He was about to sceam out in pain when the brooch vanished from his hand. The pain stopped, it felt almost like it was never there in the first place. He felt himself getting tired so he decided it was time to wake Gegan who was next on watch, but what he didn't know was that Gegan was already awake, he had been watching Arkhem for awhile now and saw everything that happened. He didn't say anything to Arkhem though.
After what had happened Arkhem didn't even think about the fact that the brooch he was holding on to was now gone. Once they got back to Blackrock it was time to get all the items together. Eveyone put something in if they had it, all except for Arkhem. He just stood there frozen, unsure about what to do. "Want to hand me that brooch?" Markis said. Arkhem said "well, I would like to but I don't have it" Markis became very angry "I saw you pick it up! where is it?!" He tried to explain about the voice and what happened but Markis wouldn't listen to any of it. "I though I could trust you" he screamed at Arkhem. Gegan spoke up "He's telling the truth, I saw it happen" Markis laughed "so what you mean is you're in on it with him. He looked straight in Arkhem's eyes. "You have 10 seconds to hand it over or I'll have you cut down" Arkhem tried one last time "It's gone, I didn't steal it"
When they came at him something happened to Arkhem. His hands and body seemed to move all on his own. A crackling dark energy appeared around his right hand and he made a slashing motion with that arm. A talon made of darkness raked across the body of one of the thugs. The other made a move to attack but before he could, found the sword of Gegen sticking out of his chest. Markis made a move to run for the door but was knocked off his feat by a blast of energy. He tried to get up but was hit again and stayed down. They could hear running coming from outside the room and decided it was time to go. They left Markis for dead and ran off into the night.
The two decided that they should get as far away as they could. Gegen told Arkem that he did see what happened that night and that he still trusts him. They decided for now at least to stick together. A few towns over they found a caravan that was heading far east that was short a few guards. They signed themselfs up and In a day started thier journey. He did manage to send a letter to his mother before he left. Telling her it may be awhile before he makes it back home, but that he would be back.
Two years had passed since he left. He and Gegan ended up doing some merc work to get by. Arkhem has learned the term warlock and what it means to be one. He actually put alot of time into studying about it. Finding lore where he could during thier travels. The demon now known to him as Razza has yet to speak to him again.

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Arkhem's Family and Background

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