Chapter 9: The Crypt of Prince Tillian Part II
Homecoming Act 1: Session 8 - Played on Sunday April 26 and May 3, 2009

Enter Vox, Barbarian Champion

the Standing before the great mausoleum of the vile Drow prince, a mixture of fear and rage washed over the group, particularly Immerien and Shar'Konin whose people have a linage of hatred toward the Drow. Their next planned actions were cut short by the sound of steel on steel and the roar of rage from behind the mausoleum.  They crept around though the trees to see what was going on.  They saw a lone Goliath warrior tangling with 5 of Tillian's skeletal soldiers surrounded by the lifeless bodies of 3 other Goliath.  The group sprung into action to aid the towering man.  The soldiers were quickly cut down.

They asked the man his name and his intentions.  He introduced himself as Vox, a champion Goliath warrior from the Great Divide on a journey of valor for his tribe.  During life, Prince Tillian visited his Goliath tribe and stole from them a holy relic, the Totem of Rye.  This totem was a stone idol of great magical power that protected their village from many dangers.  Their village has since fought for it's survival through many hardships and lost many able bodied men to them. Vox believed that Prince Tillian took the Totem of Rye to the Eastlands of Feywind.  He is here looking for the portal key he used to get there. Vox and the group decided that they had mutual objectives and joined together to sack Tillian's Crypt.  

Vox collected the bodies of this fallen companions and tended to their last rites dictated by his culture.  Christian said a prayer to the Raven Queen over them to ensure they peacefully go to whatever afterlife they believe in.

Into the Crypt

At the steps of the stone mausoleum, Christian and Vox started work on the stone door in front of them.  Each using their massive weapons to slowly chip away at the old cracked stone.  Shar'Konin asked them to step aside as he would like to give his magic a try. He said a chant and blasted a wave of sonic energy that rose up the wall shaking and cracking the loose stone.  Over and over he cast the spell crumbling the wall before them. With one last blast, the stone shattered and opened up a hole large enough for each to get though.

Inside the foyer, a stone stairs descended into blackness before them. Around the perimeter of the room, a semi circle shelf held a series of metal urns. At closer inspection the urns seem to be the remains of one of Tillian's elite guards.  The gang moved down the stairs cracking sunrods.  the stairs spilled into another room and the group moved out into it.  Immerien unknowingly stepped on a pressure plate and a large stone slab began to slide down into place in the archway between the room and the stairs.  Thinking for a moment Shar'Konin and Arkhem dashed in under the slab. Christian and Vox sprung into action. Christian, who earlier took one of the halberds, dove to the slab and wedged it between the floor and the slab. The slab grinded to a halt, but not before blowing and banding the hallow metal shaft. This was only a temporary solution. Vox dug into his backpack and fished out 4 steel climbing pitons. With Christian's warhammer, they wedged the pitons into the cracks between the slab and the wall. This felt to be a more permanent solution.

The group descended the rest of the stairs into a high ceilinged chamber with an archway on both of the right and left walls and before them an oversized set of wooden double doors. As the entered the room they heard an odd sound. The sound of an eerie pipe organ playing in the distance. The sound sent a chill down their spines, btu they knew they couldn't turn back now. On the doors, a large gold trimmed symbol that Immerien and Shar'Konin recognized as a typical elven house symbol, though very different and more twisted. Around the symbol were encrusted a number of gemstones that caught Shar'Konin's eyes. The pipe organ music hit a dissonant chord which shook the ground beneath their feet.

Skeletons and Spectral Warriors Attack

The decided to follow the right passage into a room containing 5 stone sarcophagus and a stairs leading upward to a balcony that rounded the perimeter of the room. Vox noticed another set of wooden doors similar to the ones located in the previous room. They entered the room and started up the stairs when 6 skeletal long bowman emerged from the shadows and open fired. Vox sprung into action and dove onto a sarcophagus and up to the balcony level pulling himself up. The others spanned out and began tossing spells at the archers. Christian and Immerien ran up the stairs and engaged the skeletons. After a grueling battle, the skeletons crumbled before the heroes. They moved to the large doors at the end of the balcony. Christian and Vox pryed them open and entered the room. Side they found a larger sarcophagus carved in the shape of a hulking dryder with a large stone statue of a halberdier on either side. Shar'Konin and Immerien speculated that this creature was one of Tillian's personal bodyguards. Vox and Christian moved to open the stone lid. With the help of all of the heroes, the stone began to slide. As they did so, a flash of purple light from the 2 towering statues caught their attentions. A spectral figure of the statue stepped out of the place the statue stood. They swung their halberds at the heroes in protection of the sarcophagus. Immerian mounted the sarcophagus and leaped over the carvings behind the specter slashing into it. Christian raised his massive war hammer smashing into the halberdier. The group went round and round with the specters slicing them to pieces that wisped into nothingness as they ripped from the ghostly creature. Arhkem took a deep wound from of the halberds and retreated onto the balcony to catch his breath. Outside he found more of the skeletal archers ascending the stairs with their bows trained on him. He took an arrow in his leg. The pipe organ music hit another dissonant chord that unnerved him.

After the specters were destroyed, the closed the doors to take a well needed rest after the combats. Vox, with a great feat of strength, managed to push the sarcophagus lid off and onto the floor snapping the legs of the carved dryder. Inside he found the remains of a long dead dryder. Vox ripped the skull of the creature off and held it over his head and let out a bestial roar before smashing it onto the stone floor. While in the room resting, they could still hear the faint sound of the pipe organ playing. The sound made them question whether or not they had the nerve to continue.

To The Main Chamber.

After a short rest, the group exited the chamber to find that the skeletons have retreated into the blackness. They made their way down to the main double doors. Vox and Christian looked at one another and started pulling on them with all their might…

more to come

Chapter 8: The Crypt of Prince Tillian
Homecoming Act 1: Session 8 - Played on Sunday April 4, 2009

The following passages are as retold by Sir Christian Paladino, Knight of the Raven Queen

Traveling north towards the woman’s camp, after several hours we found the woman's brothers. It was very obvious they didn't trust us as they kept their weapons at the ready; however they let us lead them back to the keep. Once inside and they met their sister face to face, they opened up to us, apologized for their blunt nature, and recounted a similar tale to us as their sister. They profusely apologized and repeatedly told us they were in our debt. After talking with their leader who was seemingly the only man among them that spoke common, my companions and I decided we should stop by their camp and talk to their grandmother, find out what favor the man who had caused this wanted. While awaiting Shar’konin to complete his studies, the men insisted that we relax while they prepared a customary meal. The food was pungent, spicy, very much not to my liking; however I ate what I could with a smile on my face as to not insult the cooks. When Shar’konin was ready we performed the ritual to dispel the evil magic. The intact frozen statues began cracking and melting apart and the knights collapsed. We tended them as best we could and they told us they were beset upon by a sorcerer who froze over the keep. They had just greeted the messenger from Valewood Hollow just before they were attacked, though the messenger didn't fare so well. Him, as well as several other knights, fell before the beasts and the magic that assaulted the keep. We told them of the kobold army that we believed was going to be attacking Valewood Hollow and the knights vowed to go to Auguston to petition the Baron. We informed the knights we would travel north to the camp of the gypsies and gather information while they recovered, letting them know we would be back the next day.

The woman and her brothers lead us to the gypsy camp. There we were greeted by the smells of similar spices used in the food we had eaten the day before. They introduced us to their families and the man that had been speaking to us thus far went off to make arrangements for us to meet the elder woman of the camp, a Seer he called her. Shar’konin and Immerien were whisked away by the women and men of the camp, enthralled as if they had never seen an Elladrin before. A gypsy woman grabbed my hands and tried to draw me into a circle of dancers clad in full plate. I couldn't stomach the idea of more of that spicy food but the choice between dancing with the woman and eating some of that stuff was pretty easy. She didn't speak the common tongue, so I just motioned over to where several of her kin were preparing food. Surprisingly it was palatable that time. Still not something I'd eat if given a choice but it didn't make my stomach feel like I was racing my horse over rocky terrain. After a while the man came out and motioned to us, saying that his Grandmother would see us now.

We all entered the tent, unsure of their customs. The elderly woman was seated on a small blanket with candles lighting the room. All kinds of books and trinkets littered the place, piled high in here. The floor was dirt, except the blanket she sat on. She motioned for us to sit so we did. We talked for a while and in our conversation we mentioned the Ashenwood. She chuckled maniacally at us and went on to tell us that the Ashenwood was not the forest we were in; it was a place on the Fey world. We guessed that this place was just named for the other. We inquired about how we would get there and she told us of a tomb that lay many hours north of the camp. Inside the tomb is a key of sorts, a key that would reveal the location of the portal to the Fey world. When we questioned the witch about the sorcerer, she told us he came to her requesting she use her magic to seek out and find the hand of Vekna. She refused him and cast him out of her camp. Vekna, being an old god, dead, and referred to in the Wandering Prophets scrolls. Through our research of the scrolls and conferring with the gypsy witch, we determined that the man was looking for all the separate parts of Vekna to restore him to the mortal realm and reign death and destruction upon the world, reshaping it. Arkham seemed drawn to these ravings as if they didn't come from some ancient scrolls, generic enough to fit about anything and this crazy gypsy seer. I tried to keep us focused and on task. At one point she said we have a choice. We can go north for the key, find the portal, travel through to the Fey lands beyond and there we will find the kobold army we seek. If we do so, this sorcerer will find the hand and destroy the world. If we chose not to do that and turned our eyes to him, we could stop him from getting the Hand of Vekna, but then the kobold army will come through the portal and destroy Valewood Hollow. We left there even more unsure of our path than ever.

As we traveled the road back towards St. Milo Keep, Arkham and I got into a heated debate. I wished to return to Valewood Hollow. Help set up defenses and ensure that the town got the support it needs from the Baron. Arkham wanted to travel north and find the portal. We argued bitterly about it, and in the end, agreed to tell Sir Gregory, the ranking knight, the entire story and then return to search for the portal. We traveled back to St. Milo Keep. There we revealed to Sir Gregory the entire scope of our story, including being witness to Gibson receiving money from the kobolds. We provided him with the letters we looted from the kobold camp talking about using the fool human Gibson and informed him of the death of the Baron's blacksmith in Gibson's service against us. We then warned him to beware of Gibson when he traveled to Auguston to petition the Baron for soldiers to defend Valewood Hollow. He was shaken by our story but listened as we recanted every detail. I hope we've made the right choice and that this plot both begins and ends with Gibson. I hope we aren't throwing these weary and beaten knights to the dogs when they go to Auguston seeking help for Valewood Hollow. I hope that Master Fairfax and the order of Raven Queen Knights that gathered at Valewood Hollow can handle the portals without us, as it seems we need extensive travel to unravel the mysteries of this kobold army. Uncomfortable with the outcome, the group decided to continue north.

And so we left St. Milo Keep and traveled north. Through the woods, following the landmarks the gypsy witch laid out for us. Eventually, well after dusk, we came upon a wrought fence, which beyond were many small pillars rising from the ground with orbs on the top. Following the fence around, we found an opening; a fence with a large gargoyle head where the key would be. As we stood there looking for a way to open the door, the thing spoke to us. It demanded to be presented with the blood of Elladrin royalty to enter. Arkham tried asking permission, to which the thing quickly responded that it would not allow him to enter. Unexpectedly, Immerien took a dagger to his palm, slicing it open and letting the blood flow, to which he stuck into the gargoyles mouth. It sputtered a bit and then granted him passage. The gate swung open.

We entered and looked around, and I recalled from the conversation with the gypsy which that she referred to the place in the Fey world the portal went to as Dark Fey or something similar. When I inquired with Immerien and Shar’konin as to its location in their world, they only knew it was a vast journey from one of the Elladrin city gates. Shar’konin and Immerien believed this was an Elladrin graveyard of sorts. The place was alive with unholy magic, as out of the corner of our eyes we would see pairs of Elladrin soldiers dressed in uniform walking down the paths between the pillars. When we looked, they were gone. When we approached what appeared to be a large tomb figures flickered in and out and appeared to guard the tomb. Two shadowy Elladrin with polearms blocked the stone door into the vault. From around us we saw others gathering up, some with bows, some with blades. Through the doorway walked one that appeared to be ranking member of the guard. He looked up at Immerien, who had presented himself in front of us. Immerien stated that we had come to pay our respects to the dead. The undead thing looked back at him and asked if he was from the western lands. Immerien seemed unsure, but he answered he was. The thing screamed in rage and yelled that the blood of his kind would decorate the tomb. Everything became clashing blades and the hum of bowstrings snapping.

Through the flurry of blows I saw Immerien flicker out of existence and appear behind the lead wraith and then my attention turned to two bowmen that had come up from behind us. Several blade wielding phantasms closed in on us. Taking blow after blow, my armor riddled with arrows, we were barely able to fight them off, and like a puff of smoke on the wind they would dissipate. Badly wounded, I turned and saw Shar’konin recite a prayer to an Elladrin god and watched as Immerien struggled back to his feet. The lead figure had fled into the tomb laughing at one point. Now we catch our breath, before we pursue the unholy creature into the tomb in search of the key that will guide us to the portal to Ashenwood.

Chapter 6: The Baron's Town of Auguston
Homecoming Act 1: Session 6 - Played on Sunday February 15, 2009

A Day of Research

The next morning Arkhem, Shar'konin and Immerien returned to the Hall of Knowledge and spent the day researching the portals and the Wandering Prophet respectively. Christian went to the Temple and spoke to the head Raven Queen cleric, Father Calvin. Father Calvin told Christian he would go to the Arch Bishop of Auguston, a cleric of Behumet, to see what he suggested but in the mean time would send word to the Order of the Raven Queen by ritual. While they awaited an answer, Christian decided to stay at the temple archives and help the priests there.

Arkhem and Shar'konin Visit The Rider

Both Arkhem and Shar'konin had items that they wanted enchanted and each took them to the Rider's Shoppe in town and met with them and received quotes on how much it would cost to do so. While travel to and from the shop, they each witnessed a trapper spinning a wondrous yarn about his adventures the night previous. He was standing in from of the carcass of an enormous white dire bear.  He went on to speak of a small area of the woods that was covered in snow; an area of snow that is much too small for a normal snow storm to caused it. Both Arkhem and Shar'konin realized that this is very atypical for both Dire bears and Polar bears, much less a combination of the two, to be located in these parts.

Dinner with the Master

The research trio sat down that evening to have dinner with Master Fairfax and discuss what they have found during their day of study.  Arkhem opened with his readings of the Wandering Prophet.  He copied down all the information that he could find that may be prudent to their situation. This is what he found…


After a bit of discussion concerning their interpretations of these passages, they moved on to the portal.  Their research yielded this…

This is a summary of their findings.

The Glass Orbs:
  The glass is blown from natural chemicals found in Feywind is and typically referred to in his world as "Fey Glass".  The glass is naturally magically resistance which was most likely employed to strongly repel any magical beings or creatures from other planes that may stumble upon the portals that are contained within the glass. The glass is physically extremely fragile and needed to be magically strengthened thought rituals.  Since the glass is so magically resistant, the rituals needed frequent upkeep as the magic would ware off quickly.  These rituals were apparently not kept up by the necromancer that was found dead in the crypt room by Arkhem.

The Portals:  The portals inside were essentially, a small sampling of the space time continuum of the plans that they when were harvested from. The creator of these portals traveled to those planes and though powerful ritual magic would harvest a small piece of the space time continuum and contained them in the Fey Glass. Later they were deployed inside the fey glass orbs and converted into Space and Time portals. Though another series of powerful rituals someone could use the portals to travel to any place OR any time of the destination plane.

Now that they are broken: Now that there are two broken orbs with exposed portals, it is imperative that the portals are banished so that the space and time of the portals do not meld with that of our own.  The longer the portals are exposed to our plane, the larger and more powerful they will become and eventually our space and time will begin to absorb the foreign space and time essentially opening a permanent hole between the plane and ultimately melding the planes.

These rituals are very powerful and will require a high level of wizardry to perform.  Master Fairfax suggests that he should contact is order of wizards in Lashett Port (the capitol of Lyre) to aid in bashing the portals.  He believes they will be more than eager to travel to Valewood Hallow to be part of this ritual.  He explains that it is a very rare thing and they would love to learn from the experience.

The group also then discussed the snow field and the wayward dire polar bears.  They believe that based on the uncanny likeness of the readings from the Wandering Prophets book to the current situation, that they should investigate the snow field and see what is to be found there.  They also believe it would be a good opportunity to hunt their town dire bears and harvest the hides to sell off and fund their efforts.

Who Could Possibly Hate The Rider?

The group set out with a very eager Master Fairfax… Eager to get his hard dirty with some old fashion dwarven bear hunting.  They stopped at the trappers stand at the market place and struck a deal with him to trade services for the information of where the snowfield was located.  After bartering a bit they came to an agreement and were off to the hunt. They stopped to get their horses at their Inn at the edge of town and noticed Constable Thomas Stanley of Valewood Hallow leaving the inn and riding out of town. They were no more than 100 feet out of town on their horses when Master Fairfax stopped his horse for a moment then spun around and galloped back into town like a bat out of hell. The group followed.  A few seconds later they heard an explosion that shook the ground. They rode back into town to find people lying in the streets injured and other screaming for help.  The Rider Edward Greene's shop lay in ruins as it seemed to explode in all directions.  Only a crater left behind in its place.  Master Fairfax explained that he had felt an extreme drain of magic from the area just before the explosion and knew something of that strength couldn't be good.

Immerien sprung into action and ran into a burning building to the right of the explosion and found a woman pinned under her bed on the second floor.  He made his way to her though the flame lifting beams and throwing debris. He reached her and began to lift the heavy bed away from her when another townsperson ran into the room and aided him in his efforts. When they finally got her out, she had passed out from inhalation. He took her to the street and called the doctor over who has since showed up and was helping the injured.

Arkhem followed suite and ran into the left building yelling to some onlookers to help.  They ran in and found two in the first flood who has also been injured and were trapped.  Arkhem and another man lifted an extremely heavy beam from the chest of an older man and took him to safety.

Master Fairfax and Shar'konin investigated the crater and uncovered a few of The Rider's orbs that had been undamaged.  Norman Gibson and his men arrived and began helping the wounded and investigating the scene.

Gibson greeted the group and recognized them as "the heroes of Valewood Hallow" his pretention and selfish personality hardly being disguised. They conversed for awhile as Gibson told them "there should be more men like you in the world… it would be a better place” it took all the group had in them not to spit in his face.

They uncovered that the pieces of the broken frame of the building were covered in some kind of obviously magical ice. Normal fire has no effect on this ice.  This was only more information that pointed to the passages Arkhem has found in the Wandering Prophets tomes. But the real question is… who could possibly hate The Rider Edward Greene to the point that he would be murdered in such a manner?

Master Fairfax decided to return to the Hall of Knowledge to study the ice while the others tended to their business in the woods.

Bear Hunting!

The group traveled out of town following the directions given to them by the trapper. They were by this point extremely excited to hunt the bear and get their prized hide. They saw the large oak tree landmark and made their way out into the woods.  After a few miles they saw the glowing light that was described to them in the trappers recount.  The light seemed to illuminate the small area of woods.  They reached the lighted area and saw a perfectly white field of show reflecting the light of the moon.  The area was only 50 foot round and couldn’t have possibly been natural.  Arkhem put on his magic goggles and saw an aura of magic radiating from the center of the field.  They knew that was the point of origin for a spell that had been cast that caused the snow to fall. But what of the polar bear?  How did they get here too?

Immerien searched around the parameter of the field when he heard rustling of branches in the woods.  Suddenly they rushed towards him and he fled for cover from the 10 foot white bear barreling down upon him.  The bear snatched him and mauled him as the other ran to aid him.  They tangled with the bear for some time and weakened it with spells and Immerien's powerful daggers. A smaller cub ran from the north and attack Arkhem but they easily wounded it and it fled into the woods.  Finally the larger male succumbed to his wounds and fell. The group tracked the cub into the woods finally finding it licking its wounds.  They finished it off and claimed their prize.

And Now, The Biggest Problem in D&D History. 

How to get Three Tons of Bear Back To Town.

The discussion was long and arduous, but they couldn’t imagine losing this prize.  The hides along would bring them enough money to fund all of their efforts. It took them while and a number of castings, but they managed to get (with the help of the horses) the large bear onto 3 floating disc.  They decided to come back for the other when they got to town. They met a merchant with a wagon on the trail and offered to pay him handsomely to use the wagon to get the bears back to town.  They managed to do so and all was well.

Ambushed by that Weasel Gibson!

I ran out of time so this is a shortened version so Christian who was absent from the last game can catch up.

They were on the way back and a traveler was having trouble with their wagon.  They group stopped to help.  They were Suspicious because this is what always happened just before an ambush.  Immerien saw the ambush coming but wasn’t fast enough… two men who were obviously soldiers of Auguston popped up and shot crossbows at Arkhem and Immerien.  Another man who looked Conan like ran from the woods at Shar'Konin.  They tangled with the men and nearly killed both Immerien and Arkhem but in the end they were victors. They are now worried if they can go back into town or not. 

That sucked so I’ll rewrite it in more detail very soon.


Chapter 5: A Trip To Auguston
Homecoming Act 1: Session 5 - Played on Sunday February 1, 2009

The Return

The group needed to decided what to do with all the loot they got from the Necromancer's lab.  Shar'konin and Immerien cast a Tenser's Floating Disc ritual, which worked out very well, but they needed to move at a walking pace for it to keep up.  They decided to split up and have Arkhem and Immerien escort Luther back to Valewood Hallow while Christian and Shar'konin brought the loot back at their own pace.

When the first group arrived at the guild hall, Arkhem's mother and grandfather and Christian's sisters were there waiting.  They explained that the prisoners from the kobold camp went directly to the constable who in turn alerted their families of the situation. They decided to go to teh guild hall and wait for their return.  There was a happy reunion when they all saw their loved ones returned safely.

Orchid, as usual, sprung into action and served all sorts of food for the weary adventurers and made sure Luther was comfortable and fed.

Later, Christian and Shar'konin arrived and were greeted in a similar fashion.  The group, along with Julius (Arkhem's grandfather and former knight), then retired to Luther's study to discuss the situation. They agreed on the following actions:

  • Julius would alert the remaining knight posted at St. Milo of the impending Kobold assault.
  • Luther would stay behind to research the portals and other local lore of the necromancer.
  • Christian would travel to Auguston to send a message to his order to help banish the spirits and other creatures at Old Kindle
  • The others would visit one of Luther's friends, Master Fairfax at the Halls of Knowledge in Auguston to research a way to banish the portal of old Kindle and to investigate the involvement of Norman Gibson.

Auguston is a city that is owned by Baron August. All the farms and shops in the town were build by the Baron and are leased to master craftsman who are free to practice their craft, but are expected to supply the baron their service and wares when needed. It is a very good arrangement  for all considered and attracts the best artisans of the area.

A Sticky Situation

After the meeting they group agreed to take a well deserved rest for the rest of the night and leave in the morning for Auguston.  Ever since Immerien followed Arkhem to the Necromancer's resting place and witnessed him remove the amulet from the corpse and then subsequently lying to the others about it, Christian was pressuring Immerien into attempting to pick the amulet from Arkhem's pouch. So later that night Immerien did so.

Immerien waited until he was certain that Arkhem was asleep and slinked into his room.  He started searching though Arkhem's thing, but managed to wake him.  Arkhem confronted Immerien angrily and informed him that if he tried to steal anything from him again he would regret it greatly.

The next morning, Christian, knowing that Immerien was going to attempt to steal the amulet, pushed the issued even when Immerien made it clear that he did not want to discuss it. Finally Arkhem spoke up and admitted what had happened.  There was a heated conversation about the issue.  Clearly Arkhem was caught red handed lying to the group about his actions, but felt he was justified because the infernal being he has entered a packed with was his business and he may have to do things like this from time to time but he would always make sure that what he was doing was not dangerous and he would never do anything to harm his friends. Christian was angry that his friend had not trusted him with this information and was becoming increasingly confrontational.  Clearly Arkhem's cavalier attitude was getting to him.  Immerien did not want to let the situation reach this level and was perfectly happy with allowing it to pass and moving on with more pressing matters.

Finally Luther stepped in and began scolding his former student and tried to guild them to a peaceful resolution.  He took the amulet and studied it. He revealed that the small glass orb with an eyeball inside was a powerful magic item that would halt the natural aging of the wearer. He told Arkhem that he trusted that he would not do anything that would endanger the group and gave it back.  He told the group that they had more pressing matters and they should put this incident behind them.  he made everyone promise not to lie to one another, not to steal from one another and not to threaten one another again.

The Constable Visits the Hall

Constable Heart and Constable Thomas Stanley came to the guild hall that morning before the group as to leave for Auguston and asked to see Christian.  When Christian the constable proceeded to discuss the kobolds at Old Kindle.  He admitted that he should have been more proactive in the matter.  Thomas asked Christian if he saw any of the Baron's men while in the forests which immediately threw Christian into suspicion. Heart explained that when the first attacks began he sent word to Auguston asking for aid ridding the town of the Kobolds. The Baron's men arrived a few days later and told him to leave the matter to them.  He went on to explain that the men had some trough the town a number of other times since. Christian seemed satisfied with that explanation, but declared that if he finds out that Constable Heart is involved in any way that he would have to deal with him. Heart puffed out his cheat and lectured Christian about his undying loyalty to the town and its safety.  They parted ways most likely in no better grace with one another when before.

A  Trip to Auguston

That morning the gang made preparations and left for Auguston.  They traveled all day and arrived a few hours past dusk.  They came over the hill and saw the small town of Auguston nestled between two grand forests. They immediately got down to business and searched for the Hall of Knowledge.  Auguston is a small town with only one main road and a few tributaries.  Before long they found the Hall and made the long trek up the stone stairs to the grand doorway.  They entered and saw a man sitting behind a desk.  They approached him and Shar'konin presented a letter provided by Luther. The man made his way to the back and after 15 minutes a short stout dwarf with a commanding presence rounded some book shelves and beckoned the group to follow.  He led them to a sitting area in front of a large stone fireplace and offered them all a smoke. They discussed the contents of the letter which included the problems with the portals, the growing army of kobolds in Ashenwood and their account of Norman Gibson meeting with Gullivan.  He ordered the group to return in the morning before dawn to begin research.  He has Immerien and Shar'konin study the portals and rituals that may aid in banishing them and he had Arkhem read passages from the tomes of the Wandering Prophets.  Christian was going to go to the local temple to get aid in contacting the Order of the Raven Queen.

Enter… The Rider Edward Greene

After the meeting the gang decided to retire to the local Inn and Pub for a good night's sleep. When they entered they immediately noticed Normal Gibson and his men were there taking in some merriment. They ordered dinner and drinks and watched the locals go about their business.  Before long, a very outgoing and proper sort entered.  He was clad in a green cape, a green top hat and more large black riding boots.  He had long black hair and handlebar mustache. The man made quite a scene out of ordering a bottle of wine with a flare of showy magic. Arkhem and Shar'konin couldn’t resist themselves and walked up and introduced themselves. The man introduced himself as "The Rider" Edward Greene. They spent some time talking to him and made arrangements to meet tomorrow to discuss the commission of some magical items. It didn't take long to realize that The Rider was a little off his rocker but a talented wizard none the less. The group finally decided it was time to hit the sack and went up to bed.

Chapter 4: The Dark Depths of Phenius' Lair
Homecoming Act 1: Session 4 - Played on Sunday January 4, 2009

Further down the Dragon Hole

After the combat at the kobold encampment the gang realized that the three raptor mounts have disappeared. They speculated whether or not the remaining kobolds have fled or if they just left to get reinforcements. They also found a work area behind the camp that included a long table with objects on it and a shaft that descended below the rampart ruins. Immerien took a look at the table while the others found a dark room to take a breather.

Among the mostly mandate items found on the table, Immerien found a map of Valewood Hallow that marking sat different locations 3 of which included the attack locations from the previous day. He also founds a series of letters to someone named Meegon.  Here are those letters…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Gullivan, it is time that we join our forefathers in greatness.  The stories told to us as hatchlings of the Black Brigade and their once great lord Phenious were meant to show us the true and honorable legacy as Kobold.  The first Black Brigade may have been cut down before their prime, but their focus was true.  Mistakes were made but we can learn from those mistakes and rise to might again.  It is time to resurrect that legacy and claim it for ourselves. The wandering prophet Malekyn has foretold of the return of the spirit of Phenious.  Please meet with me at Pang Nar with your greatest warrior and we will discuss the matter further.  Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The wandering prophet has given us a great blessing of knowledge.  It is irrelevant of his race.  He has proven to me time and time again that he can be trusted thought donations of gold and silver.  Our coffers are bulging with enough resources to raise a grant brigade.  I have already allocated enough of it and ordered the leather and black smiths to supply us with armor and weaponry.  It is no more than meager at first, but once we have momentum we will resupply. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To answer your first question, yes.  I have already sent them and they should be returning within the week.  As of the second, currently the sauria includes sixty-one of the finest kobold warriors and priests of Ashenwood.  Each of which have been equipped with the necessary implements.  As well we have drafted forty-three hatchling that are to be trained. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The reconnaissance sauria has returned with very valuable information that we can take advantage of.  The wandering prophet has given be yet another blessing.  I will explain in detail at our next meeting. I am sending you 800 gold coins to procure all the necessary supplies.  I am also sending 2 animal handlers who will supply mounts and as well as an ogre.  The ogre is trained, but I understand it retains much of its free will.  My priest has enchanted it.  As long as the priest is alive, it will follow your every order.  Plan on making your journey on the night of the second moon from his date. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The information given to us by the reconnaissance sauria about the man fool Gibson may be our best option.  I am sending my finest wyrm priests to speak with him.  If he does not take our offer we will slit his throat.  In the case he does not accept our bargain; it will be but a minor setback.  He is a detestable man even for a human.  He has a love for gold above all else.  With his help we can satiate the hunger of the spirit of Phenious.  At that time, he will no longer be of use. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, Yes, Gullivan I understand that your sauria is but a small one.  Reinforcements will be sent as soon as they are available. Remember the plan though.  You must not draw attention to yourself.  Do not lead the humans to your location.  Once Phenious has been satiated we will send a grand force to you to take the village of Valewood Hallow. It will be our first grand military victory over man. Gibson will be the main course at our victory feast.  Do not lead me to believe that you cannot handle your responsibilities, Gullivan.  We have known each other for years and it would break my heart to have to replace you. Show me that you are, in fact, as great a kobold as I remember. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a short rest, the group descended into the shaft. When they got to the bottom they were ambushed by 3 kobold guards with slings. They three were easily dispatched. In the room they found a number of creates filled with supplies. They also noticed a cell door with four prisoners inside. A man, boy, and 2 women. They released the prisoners and got an idea of what was happening. The prisoners told them that Gullivan would take one of them out periodically and throw them into a cavern across the room never to return. The gang speculated that they were feeding the prisoners to the spirit of Phenius.

After a short conversation instructing one of the male prisoners to escort the others back to Valewood Hallow, A zombie creature attempts to smash its way though a large metal cell door on the opposite side of the room. Arkhem fires an eldritch at it sends it tumbling down the stairwell.

They then investigated the large metal door while Arkhem pulls out the Leather skullcap goggles and puts them on. They examined the door for awhile not understanding how it was locked. They noticed a large metal rimmed hole where they lock would normally be. Immerien suggested that maybe the glove would open the door. They tried a number of nutty things including chopping off a kobold hand and sticking it though the hole. They put the glove on the kobold hand. The glove magically fitted the hand perfectly. They stuck it though and nothing happened. Finally Christian took the glove and put it on. Again it magically sized to fit his hand. He stuck it though the hole and felt a latch and pulled it. The door opened.

Ghosts, Zombies and Telling Shar'Konin Everything Three Times

The gang makes their way though the door and down into the cave. It doesn't take a long to realize that they are entering an ancient burial catacombs. On the walls there are many shelves cut into the stone with skulls and bones placed on them.

After descending quite a way into the catacombs they come to the first open room that includes a 2 statues and a armored skeleton laying on a carved stone slab. Everyone investigates the room and decides to take the passage to the right. As they are heading out the room, Immerien experiences moving shadows across the walls as though someone is running up behind him then he feels a touch on the shoulder… he spins and stabs with his dagger. No one is there. The passage starts to move and he becomes dizzy. He's frozen with fear. After coming to, the group changes direction to follow the passage where the shadows came from.

After a long stretch they come into a room with a large sarcophagus and more statues. In this area the floors are cracked and separated. The pungent smell of fungus rose from the cracks. Arkhem threw a sunrod down the pit and it passed creatures crawling up the walls. While waiting for the creatures, they heard a loud wail from behind them up the passage.

They investigated to find a beautiful ghostly woman hovering before them in chamber. Arkhem on the other hand, who is using the leather skullcap goggles sees an evil twisted looking creature. The group approaches the ghost and it lets out a horrifying wail which dazes everyone except Immerien. A melee ensues. While tangling with the wailing wraith, invisible shadow creatures emerge from nothingness and begin to grab Arkhem and Shar'Konin attempting to push them into the path of the wail. Shar'Konin and Christian's knowledge of the occult proved useful by realizing that these creatures, though resistant to it, can be harmed by standard weaponry. They dispatched the wraith and moved on.

Arkhem get's separated from the group

This section was only experienced by Arkhem and to keep his exploits from the eyes of the other party members i have put it on a separate page. Click here to view it.

Arkhem returns and the Necromancer's Lab

Arkhem tells the group that a spirit asked him to perform a service for her that would release the souls that haunt this place but he will require the gauntlet that Christian is currently wearing. He also tells them that the spirit ensures that Luther will not be harmed if he helps her with this task. Christian surrenders the gauntlet and Arkhem leaves the group at the Necromancer's lab that the spirit told him is warded from the ghosts. While away, Shar'konin explores the lab like a kid in a candy store. He finds many useful magical and alchemical items in the room. After picking though, Immerien and Shar'konin work together to cast a Tenser's Floating Disc to carry the heavy load of the loot.

Arkhem Free's The Spirits Haunting The Catacombs.

Again, this section was only experienced by Arkhem and to keep his exploits from the eyes of the other party members I have put it on a separate page. Click here to view it.

Phenius' Lair and The Portal Cavern

The gang enters the area that the spirit told Arkhem Luther was located. In the large open cavern they see three gigantic floating glass orbs at differing heights around the room and a forth smashed on the floor below all surrounding the long dead skeleton of a dragon on the floor. Each orb has a wooden staircase and platform constructed by it allowing easy access to it. Two more of the wailing wraiths are circling around the smashed orb. They also take notice to a zombie shambling about the room. Christian throws down one of the pearls that Shar'Konin found on Gullivan. He has identified them as creating an area of invisibility to undead for the user. Christian circles around behind the wraiths while they begin to follow Immerien who is closing on them. The wraiths attack and Immerien runs for cover. the zombie takes notice to Immerien and give chase. The party begins to attack the undead beasts. Immerien and Christian took quite a bit of punishment while Arkhem and Shar'Konin stand back lobbing spells in. A crew of zombie emerge from the shadows and mod the group.

After dispatching all of the undead, they take a minute to rest and regroup. Christian heals as many of the group as he can. While rest, Christian decides to rear back and throw his war hammer at one of the in-tact orbs… Arkhem screams to him not to but it's too late. The orb smashes and collapse to the floor and explodes into a giant ball of flame. they examine both smashed orbs: The first has a swirling ball of black oily light in the center of the remaining glass. The other is now on the floor with a swirling ball of fire within it.

Finding Luther!

They group takes a small passage at the back of the cavern and finds glowing runes on the walls. They see a shadowy figure holding a crossbow pointed at them. They call out to him and he emerges. At long last, It's Luther! They greet him and he hugs them all in thanks, but tells them they need to make haste to get out of here. They are safe behind the wards he had placed, but they would be attracted to them outside.

They make their way out of the catacombs without incident. Upon reaching the cell room, they see that the prisoners are gone and the camp above is deserted as well.

They make their way back to Valewood Hallow.
Chapter 3: These Kobolds Smell Fishy
Homecoming Act 1: Session 3 - Played on Sunday December 21, 2008

Scouting Old Kindle Rampart

The guys decided it would be a good idea to split up and check out all sides of the rampart and as well see what can be seen in the valley to the cliff side.  They said they would meet back in an hour where they had left the horses.  They checked out the forested and grassy fields on the way noticing that the kobolds are not using the previous trail that led to the rampart.  They peered into the valley and saw that the entire cliff side had been overgrown with weeds, bushes, and trees. Arkhem theorized, based on the knowledge garnered from his grandfather, that the dragon's old lair may have been in the valley as opposed to the keep itself.  When they looked into the valley they couldnt make out any visible entrances to the valley from the cliff wall.

The Kobolds Mobilize for a Remote Meeting

On the way back from the scouting mission, Shar'konin noticed that there was some activity around the rampart.  They dug in and watched five kobolds march down the entrance stairs and into the woods.  There were 3 soldiers with spear and shield surrounding 2 others.  The visible leader wore bead braclets, necklace, and a feather headdress. The other that accompanied the leader carrying a large metal box.

They party decided to follow the troop into the woods to see where they were headed. After an hour and twenty minutes marching though the woods, the kobolds stopped in a clearing and waited.  The party theorized that they were waiting for someone or some thing for a meeting so they decided not to ambush. After a 15 minutes of waiting, a group of mounted humans emerged from the tree line. The men were clearly soldiers and upon closer examination, they appeared to be soldiers of the Baroney.  The clear leader of the group was not a solider but a man clad in fine looking traveling garb.

The man jumped off his horse and charged toward the lead kobold drawing a wooden riders crop.  He struck the kobold in the side of the skull. Everyone drew their weaponry. The lead kobold waved off his guardsmen. The man spoke up…

"Gullivan.  You have breached our bargin!  I clearly told you that there were to be no towns people touched!  This attack on Valewood Hallow is unacceptable."

Gullivan replied, "That was before Knights were called, Gibson!" 

"No knights were called by me or, to my knowledge, by the town. I have called off the constables, but if attacks such as these continue I cannot keep them from action!  The bargin was for out of town merchants and travelers!" shouted Gibson.

"We will keep to the trade road, Gibson." 

Gullivan then motioned to his aid who walked forward and surrendered the metal box to one of Gibson's men.  The man took the box behind Gibson, opened it, and began counting what was clearly coin. Gibson and Gullivan exchanged a few more harsh wordsincluded an accusation of withholding the agreed upon amount of coin. The shipment from Ashenwood was delayed was the excuse given by Gullivan.  Gibson then demanded 50% interest on the remainder of the coin.


 Pictured above: Gullivan and Gibson

A Taste of Their Own Medicine

After the meeting wrapped, the party scrambled back though the woods planning to ambush the kobolds when they were clear of the men.  They found an arrangment of boulders that would suffice. They knew the kobolds came this way before. It was perfect. When the beast trudged though the formation, Christian charged shouting a battle cry to the Raven Queen as Arkhem threw an Eldritch Blast. the Kobolds scattered as the men cut though them like butter. Shar'Konin used his frost magic freeze the life out of them, as Immerien tore through them easily with his dagger.

They knew at this point that there was something more going on than previously met the eye.  Is the Baron himself involved or is this, Gibson, a rogue agent?  There's no time to investigate further for Luther is still missing. Is Luther a one of the abducted or did he learn too much and become a prisoner of Gibson and his men. They party decided to follow their original plan and investigate the Rampart.

Don't Try To Sneak with a Sunrod and Light Spell Active.

Immerien approached the south wall of the rampart and easily scaled the ruined stone. He fixed a grappling hook and rope to solid stone and threw the end to the others.  He hid himself in a dark corner of the wall hoping not to be seen by the prowling kobolds.  as the others made their way up the rope, a kobold in fact emerged from the tower and walked down the stairs.  He did not notice Immerien there and the rogue sprung into action.  He grabbed the kobold by the head and buried his dagger into the creatures armpit.  The force was so great that it expired without a sound. After the others finally reached the top of the wall, they all slunk up the stairs to the cliffside wall and found another kobold standing watch. This time Immerien used his eladrin teleport to appear behind the watchman and buried his dagger into his throat, dispatching him.

Then Christian, Shar'Konin, Arkhem, and Immerien began scowering the rear portion or the ruined rampart.  They made their way though the nearest watch tower and out on to the room of the first ruined building.  They ran across a crumbling bridge between the buildings onto a long over forgotten and overgrown courtyard on top of the second building.  Immerien scouted out the far side tower, while Christian followed.  Shar'konin decended an unsafe stone stair case that led down the side of the building to see what he would see. He witnessed a lone kobold walking across the ground floor courtyard toward a light around the front side of the second building.   Arkhem made his way to the front of the second building roof and peered over.  A small encampment of kobolds and their riding drakes were set up just under the stone overhang of the ruined structure.

When returning from the front of the roof, a watchman kobold came to the edge of the wall and spotted Arkhem.  The kobold ran away and sounded a loud horn that could be heard all over the rampart grounds.  The group scrambled up the tower towards the wall when they met a team of kobold coming to dispatch them. The kobolds had the high ground but it didnt phase the heroes and the cut though them like a knight though hot butter. Immerian saw a few more kobolds come up from the bottom floor so the gang ducked into the second floor of the ruined rampart.  They explored some long unused area of the rampart eventually coming out to the encampment area.  Arkhem ran to a locked chest and investigated while Shar'Konin ransacked a cot and leather sack with only yeilded old dirty clothing.  Arkhem on the otherhand found a large metal gauntlet and leather skullcap with goggles weaved into them.  Shar'Konin confirmed that the items were both magical. While the two searched the room, the others readied themselves to attack the remaining Kobolds.  the groups has a standoff for a bit but ended up clashing swords ending in victory for the heroes.

They then decided to find a safe dark room to take a breather and get some first aid.

Chapter 2: Where there is smoke... there are kobolds setting fire to things
Homecoming Act 1: Session 2 - Played on Sunday December 7, 2008

The Arrival of Immerien

Immerien rode into Valewood before sunrise, riding from Marrowberry and well-rested from having stopped along the way. He was greeted by Shar'konin. After exchanging pleasantries, Shar'konin filled Immerien in on his travels and the group's arrival in Valewood.

FIRE! Get the Buckets!

Before they could complete their breakfast, a loud thunderous boom rang out and a slight tremble was felt.  Shar'konin ran to the window to see a stream of smoke billowing from a few blocks away. The others dashed to the stable to get their horses and he ran, on foot, to the source.

When they arrived they witnessed a towering Ogre throwing flaming keg into the surrounding buildings.  When the kegs would land, they would cause a small explosion, igniting the structure. A kobold warrior mounted on a raptor like lizard, commanding the ogre, could be seen prowling the streets. Christian and Arkhem immediately engaged the kobold while Immerien slunk down the alley to get a rear vantage point. While the two entered combat with the mounted kobold, a fire beetle controlled by the kobold emerged from under a flaming wagon.  It flanked Christian and sprayed from his its snout at him failing to aim properly. Shar'Konin engaged the beetle with a few bolts of ice which seemed to agitate the creature.

While the Shar'Konin tangled with the beetle, Immerien came up behind the ogre and threw a few shuriken at him.  They failed to penetrate his tough hide but managed to enrage him. Even though Christian attempted to divine challenge the ogre, he relentlessly perused Immerien. The battle seemed to be was going very well.

A loud crash came from a nearby storefront window as the bloodied corpse of the owner smashed though followed by another mounted kobold. This one carried a woman apparently abducted from the storefront.  Arkhem and Shar'Konin turned their attentions to the new kobold.  After being pounded with eldrict's blasts he was thrown from his mount.  Shar'Konin's sleep spell didn’t affect the kobold, but his mount failed to resist. The kobold attempted to remount but the as the spell took effect the mount collapsed spilling the kobold to the ground again.  Desperately he took the woman hostage holding his short sword to her throat. Without thought, Arkhem hit him with an eldritch blast throwing the coward back.  In the fray, the short sword managed to slash the woman's face severely causing extreme bleeding and eventual unconsciousness.

After the beasties were dispatched, a few of the constables rode in with the Dr. Drummond. Christian and the Doctor patched up all the injured while the constables investigated. The party was later told that there were 2 other, simultaneous attacks on the town, one to the east, this attack on the north and another about half way between. They all agreed that this was very obviously a coordinated strike by the kobolds and they were looking for something specific.  They also learned that this was the first attack within the city limits proving that the kobolds were getting bold.


Pictured Above, Dr. Drummond, and Contables, Charles Lennox and Henry Grey

Visiting the Families

Christian and Arkhem visited their families to make sure that all was well and to warn them of possible further attacks.

Christian visited his father's farm, now managed by his stepmother's new husband Templeton.  He wanted to make sure that his half sister's, Mia and Rosetta, were safe.  When he arrived Rosetta was out practicing with a short bow and was very glad to see him.  The distant relationship he had with his stepmother and her new husband still caused uncomfort.  He learned that Mia has taken up with the good Dr. Drummond and Templeton instructed Rosetta to accompany Christian back to town to make sure she was ok.  He also asked Christian to return when he has time for supper. Christian then visited Mia at the Doctor's home where he found the woman from the attack lying in a cot recovering from her attack.


 Pictured Above: Templeton O'Leary, Vivian O'Leary, Rosetta and Mia (Christian's Family)



 Pictured Above: Dr. Drummond and Lilly Tarmack (the abducted girl)


Arkhem returned home and escourted his mother to Sir Julius' (her father) home in the city. There he inquired more about the Black Brigade and the Knights from St. Milo's keep. Julius told him that Milo has only a skeleton crew left manning the keep and could probably not be of must help, but he will send notice to them none the less.



Pictured above: Charles Griffen Sr, Victoria Griffen, Charles Griffen Jr and Sir Julius O'Connell


A Trip to the Rampart and Planning a Possible Counter Attack


Back at the lamplighter's guild the guys regrouped to lick their wounds and prepare for a scouting mission to Old Kindle Rampart the next morning.  The next morning they woke early, ate some of Orchid's breakfast and headed out.  They reached the rampart at midday and walked the parameter.  They could see that the rampart was occupied, but couldn’t get a good look at the inhabitants or their numbers. They sketched a rough drawing the rampart from their memories of being there when they were kids exploring and playing in the ruins.  They decided to attempt to scout the location closer after dark.  They will then decide if the numbers are too great to attempt their counter assault.



Pictured Above: Old Kindle Rampart


Chapter1: An Oath Cut From Stone
Homecoming Act 1, Chapter 1, Session 1 - Played on Sunday November 22, 2008

The call has been made.  Each of the four old friends were visited by the animal messanger that relayed the simple message of "Return to Valewood Hallow.  You are needed."   Shar'konin was visited by the sparrow, Immerien the falcon, Arkhem the crow, and Christian the owl.
Read the exposition of each character here.  If you are a PC in this campaign, do not read other expositions.


Shar'konin came to the sign post at the crossroads about a mile from Valewood Hallow.  He dismounted his horse to take a drink from his water skin when he heard a rustling the bushes. Four kobolds clad in black leather appeared from the brush and attacked.  Two Slingers and two spearmen were waiting for easy prey to ambush on the road. Shar'konin being alone and surprise fought back as well as he could.  Being hit with an immobilizing glue pot he was no match for the 4 marauders. Shar'konin went unconscious from his wounds and fell into the bushes.  The greedy kobold rushed over and began to dig in his pack stealing his money, orb and some of his family's expensive herbs and spices.

Arkhem hearing the scuffle from up the road galloped in the fray and dismounted.  With a few bolts of negative energy and a bit of warlock cursing, the Kobolds became weary of the battle as a few of their comrades fell.
Christian coming from the South on the Crossroads noticed a Kobold snatching goods from the saddle bags of Shar'konin's horse.  He charged in and gave him a thrashing he'll never forget.  The bloodied kobold retreated in the woods.
After clearing the area of all the wretched beasts they discovered Shar'konin's battered and unconscious body in the bush. Arkhem performed any first aid he could and Christian used his healing abilities to patch him up as best he could. Arkhem took notice to the symbol painted on the kobolds shotty aromor.  It looked like a stylized dragon.  He seemed to remember this symbol from somewhere but couldnt place it.  He cut one out and took it with him.

After they collected all their goods from the satchels of the kobolds, the group began piling the bodies along the side of the road and burned the bodies.  The Stench was overwhelming.
A traveling merchant stopped and offered any help, but he was turned down by the groups.

Things Haven’t Changed Much

The group goes into town bloodied, battered, some sticky from glue pot, some smelly from stink pot, and all tired from their journey, they decided to see Constable Heart to alert him of the lurking kobolds outside of town.

They entered the office and were greeted by groans by the other constables.  The stink pot stench was unbearable.  They told the constables about the Kobolds and they were instructed to investigate by High Constable Heart. 

As the group left, Constable Heart asked Shar'konin to stay behind for a moment. He told Shar'konin that he recognized Christian and that he was going to keep an eye on him. Christian had had many run-ins with the constable as a younger man. His exact words were (in reference to Christian's knighthood and tabard) "You can wrap him up with a nice new package, but he's still rotten on the inside."

After Shar'konin told Christian about this, Christian marched back into the office and had words with the constable.  They both stood their ground and agreed to stay out of each other's way.

While Christian was tangling with the Constable, Shar'konin decided to visit the general store across the street. He wanted to replace his family’s spice that was stolen from him by the kobold that ran away.  He planned on giving the spice as a gift to Luther.  In side Shar'konin noticed Arkhem's brother.

Arkhem and his brother had a few words with each other. The conversation proved to Arkhem that a leopard will never change its spots.  He's still the same miserable prick he was the last time he visited.

Pictured above: High Constable Heart

The Lamplighters Guild Hall

The group headed over to the Lamplighters Guild in hopes of talking to Luther and finding out why they were summoned.  When they got there they didn't find Luther, but a beautiful woman named Orchid who introduced herself has Luther's wife.  She explains that she was the one who summoned them for Luther has been missing for some 3 weeks now and he hasn’t returned.  She mentions that she went to Constable Heart, but he dismissed it as "One of the many trips into the wilderness to collect plants for his alchemy. The man is getting old and forgets to tell people where he's going."

Orchid mobilized the younger lamplighters that were hanging around the school room to bring fresh water in for the bath.  Christian paid one young lamplighter to tend to the horses. Arkhem picked the lock to Luther’s study.  While Arkhem and Shar'konin bathed (separately of course), Christian searched the study for clues to Luther’s whereabouts.  He turned up some interesting tidbits… a large talisman made from a dragon's tooth, a book of dragon lore, anatomy and ecology, a sketch of the symbol painted on the kobolds armor, and a map with location pins.

A Family Reunion

After his Bath, Arkhem decided to visit his mother and grandfather.  When he arrived he was greeted with open arms by his mother… but his father and brother were a bit colder to him.  The family spoke while Arkhem had some of this mother's stew and homemade bread. Under protest, his brother went to retrieve their grandfather, Sir Julius, retired knight to see Arkhem. Arkhem had a conversation about the kobolds with Julius.  It turns out that Julius has dealt with a group of kobolds in the past who also wore the same symbol.  At that time they called themselves "The Black Brigade", were much better equipped and worshiped a black dragon named Pheenius who lived in a cavern below Old Kindle Rampart.  Julius and some of this fellow knights rid Valewood hallow of the Kobolds and slew Pheenius.


Pictured above: Charles Griffen Sr, Victoria Griffen, Charles Griffen Jr and Sir Julius O'Connell

Further Investigation

While Arkhem visited his family, Christian spoke to a group of militiamen patrolling the outskirts of town. He asked them if they have seen Luther leave town recently.  Edward Summerset, a lamplighter alum, told him that 3-4ish weeks ago he saw him leaving before daybreak.  Christian also learned that a roadhouse was constructed over half days ride north on the road though Ashenwood since he has been in Valewood Hallow last.
Shar'konin decided he would say behind and absorb as much of the dragon book as he could.  He learned more about kobolds and their ties to dragons as well which may prove invaluable in the near future.

After coming back together, the group sat in the schoolroom/common room of the guildhall and discussed their next move.  We all hope that Immerien arrives by morning… for it's all up hill from here.

Picture Above: Moneylender and Militiaman Edward Summerset




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