Christian Palladino

Knight of the Raven Queen


Base Stats: 16 Str, 16 Con, 11 Dex, 13 Int, 14 Wis, 17 Cha Max HP 31, AC 18, Fort 14, Ref 12, Will 14

Skills: Arcana 1, Athletics 3, Bluff 3, Diplomacy 5, Dungeoneering 2, Endurance 8, Heal 2, History 1, Insight 9, Intimidate 8, Nature 2, Perception 2, Religion 6, Stealth 0, Streetwise 3, Thievery 0

Powers: At-Will: Channel Divinity, Divine Challenge, Lay on Hands, Holy Strike, Valiant Strike Encounter: Eldritch Blast, Piercing Smite Daily: On Pain of Death


My father’s name was Santo Palladino. He was born in Irongate. His parents were Carlo and Marsala Palladino. My grandfather was born in Valewood Hallow but moved to Irongate at the age of 17 to become a member of the city guard. There he met Marsala who was a popular portrait painter who was fairly well know in the western cities. One of her most famous painting is a portrait of King John III (The previous king, the current king is John IV) which hangs in the Royal Palace at Lashette Port. Not soon after meeting Marsala, Carlo married her and had a child named Santo. Carlo then went throughout a series of promotions as a guardsman and eventually led a legion of troops stationed at St. Williams Keep.

Santo grew up living in Irongate and later at St. Willaims keep and took a liking to herbalism and alchemy. When he came of age, he offered his services to the legion as a field medic. At the age of 41 the legion was ordered to accompany a group of diplomats to the elven kingdom of Ryandaar. While stationed there Santo met the love of his life…a young elven woman named Hethien of the House of Feengolf. One year to the day of meeting Hethien, Santo asked her father, Myna, her Hethien’s hand in marriage. In the light of the trade agreements signed between Lyre and Ryandaar, Myna agreed and arranged a traditional elven marriage that took place 2 days later. With permission from his father, Carlo, Santo stayed behind in Ryandaar with his new bride until the Northern War began less than a year later. Santo left to fight for his country beside his father.

During year six of the war, Carlo fell in the battle of Old Talon Bridge. Carlo’s legionnaires held the bridge denying the oncoming hordes from laying siege to Irongate.

A year later, I was born in Ryandaar after being conceived between Santo’s tours of duty.

Near the end of the war Santo was seriously injured and lost his right leg. His leg was replaced by a wooden peg and he was discharged from the legion. He returned to Ryandaar and decided to move his family to Valewood Hallow where he purchased a plot of land and began farming.

A few years later, my parents decided it would be best for me to return and live among the Elven people. They arranged transport for me and I was delivered into the care of my Grandfather Myna. It was he who taught me to read and write Elven, as well as knowledge of their customs and religions. My mother wrote me often. Eventually my mother returned to Ryandaar without my father. She refused to speak of him, saying only that the war had changed him. I grew restless and distant from my elven family as I aged.

At the age of 14, I decided to return to Valewood Hallow. It had been years since I had heard from my father and I felt out of place. The other elven children knew I was different from them. I decided to make the journey on my own. I gathered what little I could for the trip and set out to find my way. The journey by foot took me ~3 months. I would hitch a ride here and there with travelers. Sometimes I would stay in a town and do what I could as a child to earn a little coin or my next ride, tending to horses, carrying bags for people, running pails of water for the taverns. Eventually I found my way back to Valewood Hallow.

On the last leg of my journey I fell ill. Heavy with fever, I stumbled through the woodlands surrounding Valewood Hallow. Luther Siegfried found me half unconscious on the ground on one of his herb gathering trips. He took me in at the Lamplighters Guild and nursed me back to health. I kept my identity to myself. Upon familiarizing myself with the town, I discovered my father had remarried to a woman named Viviana and that I had two younger sisters, Mia and Rosetta. When I finally met with my father he was ecstatic to have me.

I spent the next year visiting with Luther and helping my father with the farm. Often I would spend the night at the Lamplighters Guild after arguments with Viviana. My father ended up passing away that winter. We’re not really sure what happened. The town doctor said he thought my father’s heart went out on him. Things between me and Viviana only got uglier. A year later she started courting a man named Templeton O’Leary. Eventually they married and he took over the farm. There was an old mare my father returned with from the Northern War. By this point she wasn’t useful for any heavy labor anymore. Templeton decided to put her down, which caused one hell of a fight between us. It ended with me knocking him on his ass and storming out. I took ol Natty by the reigns and headed over to the Lamplighters guild.

The next several years went by pretty quick. I visited my younger sisters occasionally and spent most of my time running around with some teens I met at the guild. I was constantly getting into trouble, whether it be brawling with the other town kids in the streets late at night, breaking into shops and just taking what I wanted, or the pranks the group of us used to play on anyone and everyone. The constable and I got to know each other pretty well, unfortunately. Luther ended up bailing me out more than a few times. He taught me responsibility, gave me direction.

It was he who ended up introducing me to Sir Thomas of Marrowsberry. When everyone turned of age and went their separate ways, Luther thought it might be good if I found my own path. He asked if I would want to squire under Sir Thomas. Knowing that I couldn’t stay at the guild forever, I told him I would. He contacted Sir Thomas and arranged for my transportation.

Under Sir Thomas, I learned the basics of squire-hood. After 2 years serving him, I learned of the Knighthood of the Raven Queen. Sir Thomas sponsored me in one of their competitions and the rest is history. I am now an Initiate of the Order. I spend my time learning the various rites and ceremonies and have been assigned to a group tasked with hunting down a vampire. We had just arrived at a town that was attacked, purging the creatures spawn, and putting to rest the dead. It was then that I received the call to return to Valewood Hallows.

Christian Palladino

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