Chapter 4: The Dark Depths of Phenius' Lair

Homecoming Act 1: Session 4 - Played on Sunday January 4, 2009

Further down the Dragon Hole

After the combat at the kobold encampment the gang realized that the three raptor mounts have disappeared. They speculated whether or not the remaining kobolds have fled or if they just left to get reinforcements. They also found a work area behind the camp that included a long table with objects on it and a shaft that descended below the rampart ruins. Immerien took a look at the table while the others found a dark room to take a breather.

Among the mostly mandate items found on the table, Immerien found a map of Valewood Hallow that marking sat different locations 3 of which included the attack locations from the previous day. He also founds a series of letters to someone named Meegon.  Here are those letters…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 Gullivan, it is time that we join our forefathers in greatness.  The stories told to us as hatchlings of the Black Brigade and their once great lord Phenious were meant to show us the true and honorable legacy as Kobold.  The first Black Brigade may have been cut down before their prime, but their focus was true.  Mistakes were made but we can learn from those mistakes and rise to might again.  It is time to resurrect that legacy and claim it for ourselves. The wandering prophet Malekyn has foretold of the return of the spirit of Phenious.  Please meet with me at Pang Nar with your greatest warrior and we will discuss the matter further.  Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The wandering prophet has given us a great blessing of knowledge.  It is irrelevant of his race.  He has proven to me time and time again that he can be trusted thought donations of gold and silver.  Our coffers are bulging with enough resources to raise a grant brigade.  I have already allocated enough of it and ordered the leather and black smiths to supply us with armor and weaponry.  It is no more than meager at first, but once we have momentum we will resupply. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

To answer your first question, yes.  I have already sent them and they should be returning within the week.  As of the second, currently the sauria includes sixty-one of the finest kobold warriors and priests of Ashenwood.  Each of which have been equipped with the necessary implements.  As well we have drafted forty-three hatchling that are to be trained. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The reconnaissance sauria has returned with very valuable information that we can take advantage of.  The wandering prophet has given be yet another blessing.  I will explain in detail at our next meeting. I am sending you 800 gold coins to procure all the necessary supplies.  I am also sending 2 animal handlers who will supply mounts and as well as an ogre.  The ogre is trained, but I understand it retains much of its free will.  My priest has enchanted it.  As long as the priest is alive, it will follow your every order.  Plan on making your journey on the night of the second moon from his date. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The information given to us by the reconnaissance sauria about the man fool Gibson may be our best option.  I am sending my finest wyrm priests to speak with him.  If he does not take our offer we will slit his throat.  In the case he does not accept our bargain; it will be but a minor setback.  He is a detestable man even for a human.  He has a love for gold above all else.  With his help we can satiate the hunger of the spirit of Phenious.  At that time, he will no longer be of use. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Yes, Yes, Gullivan I understand that your sauria is but a small one.  Reinforcements will be sent as soon as they are available. Remember the plan though.  You must not draw attention to yourself.  Do not lead the humans to your location.  Once Phenious has been satiated we will send a grand force to you to take the village of Valewood Hallow. It will be our first grand military victory over man. Gibson will be the main course at our victory feast.  Do not lead me to believe that you cannot handle your responsibilities, Gullivan.  We have known each other for years and it would break my heart to have to replace you. Show me that you are, in fact, as great a kobold as I remember. Meegon.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After a short rest, the group descended into the shaft. When they got to the bottom they were ambushed by 3 kobold guards with slings. They three were easily dispatched. In the room they found a number of creates filled with supplies. They also noticed a cell door with four prisoners inside. A man, boy, and 2 women. They released the prisoners and got an idea of what was happening. The prisoners told them that Gullivan would take one of them out periodically and throw them into a cavern across the room never to return. The gang speculated that they were feeding the prisoners to the spirit of Phenius.

After a short conversation instructing one of the male prisoners to escort the others back to Valewood Hallow, A zombie creature attempts to smash its way though a large metal cell door on the opposite side of the room. Arkhem fires an eldritch at it sends it tumbling down the stairwell.

They then investigated the large metal door while Arkhem pulls out the Leather skullcap goggles and puts them on. They examined the door for awhile not understanding how it was locked. They noticed a large metal rimmed hole where they lock would normally be. Immerien suggested that maybe the glove would open the door. They tried a number of nutty things including chopping off a kobold hand and sticking it though the hole. They put the glove on the kobold hand. The glove magically fitted the hand perfectly. They stuck it though and nothing happened. Finally Christian took the glove and put it on. Again it magically sized to fit his hand. He stuck it though the hole and felt a latch and pulled it. The door opened.

Ghosts, Zombies and Telling Shar'Konin Everything Three Times

The gang makes their way though the door and down into the cave. It doesn't take a long to realize that they are entering an ancient burial catacombs. On the walls there are many shelves cut into the stone with skulls and bones placed on them.

After descending quite a way into the catacombs they come to the first open room that includes a 2 statues and a armored skeleton laying on a carved stone slab. Everyone investigates the room and decides to take the passage to the right. As they are heading out the room, Immerien experiences moving shadows across the walls as though someone is running up behind him then he feels a touch on the shoulder… he spins and stabs with his dagger. No one is there. The passage starts to move and he becomes dizzy. He's frozen with fear. After coming to, the group changes direction to follow the passage where the shadows came from.

After a long stretch they come into a room with a large sarcophagus and more statues. In this area the floors are cracked and separated. The pungent smell of fungus rose from the cracks. Arkhem threw a sunrod down the pit and it passed creatures crawling up the walls. While waiting for the creatures, they heard a loud wail from behind them up the passage.

They investigated to find a beautiful ghostly woman hovering before them in chamber. Arkhem on the other hand, who is using the leather skullcap goggles sees an evil twisted looking creature. The group approaches the ghost and it lets out a horrifying wail which dazes everyone except Immerien. A melee ensues. While tangling with the wailing wraith, invisible shadow creatures emerge from nothingness and begin to grab Arkhem and Shar'Konin attempting to push them into the path of the wail. Shar'Konin and Christian's knowledge of the occult proved useful by realizing that these creatures, though resistant to it, can be harmed by standard weaponry. They dispatched the wraith and moved on.

Arkhem get's separated from the group

This section was only experienced by Arkhem and to keep his exploits from the eyes of the other party members i have put it on a separate page. Click here to view it.

Arkhem returns and the Necromancer's Lab

Arkhem tells the group that a spirit asked him to perform a service for her that would release the souls that haunt this place but he will require the gauntlet that Christian is currently wearing. He also tells them that the spirit ensures that Luther will not be harmed if he helps her with this task. Christian surrenders the gauntlet and Arkhem leaves the group at the Necromancer's lab that the spirit told him is warded from the ghosts. While away, Shar'konin explores the lab like a kid in a candy store. He finds many useful magical and alchemical items in the room. After picking though, Immerien and Shar'konin work together to cast a Tenser's Floating Disc to carry the heavy load of the loot.

Arkhem Free's The Spirits Haunting The Catacombs.

Again, this section was only experienced by Arkhem and to keep his exploits from the eyes of the other party members I have put it on a separate page. Click here to view it.

Phenius' Lair and The Portal Cavern

The gang enters the area that the spirit told Arkhem Luther was located. In the large open cavern they see three gigantic floating glass orbs at differing heights around the room and a forth smashed on the floor below all surrounding the long dead skeleton of a dragon on the floor. Each orb has a wooden staircase and platform constructed by it allowing easy access to it. Two more of the wailing wraiths are circling around the smashed orb. They also take notice to a zombie shambling about the room. Christian throws down one of the pearls that Shar'Konin found on Gullivan. He has identified them as creating an area of invisibility to undead for the user. Christian circles around behind the wraiths while they begin to follow Immerien who is closing on them. The wraiths attack and Immerien runs for cover. the zombie takes notice to Immerien and give chase. The party begins to attack the undead beasts. Immerien and Christian took quite a bit of punishment while Arkhem and Shar'Konin stand back lobbing spells in. A crew of zombie emerge from the shadows and mod the group.

After dispatching all of the undead, they take a minute to rest and regroup. Christian heals as many of the group as he can. While rest, Christian decides to rear back and throw his war hammer at one of the in-tact orbs… Arkhem screams to him not to but it's too late. The orb smashes and collapse to the floor and explodes into a giant ball of flame. they examine both smashed orbs: The first has a swirling ball of black oily light in the center of the remaining glass. The other is now on the floor with a swirling ball of fire within it.

Finding Luther!

They group takes a small passage at the back of the cavern and finds glowing runes on the walls. They see a shadowy figure holding a crossbow pointed at them. They call out to him and he emerges. At long last, It's Luther! They greet him and he hugs them all in thanks, but tells them they need to make haste to get out of here. They are safe behind the wards he had placed, but they would be attracted to them outside.

They make their way out of the catacombs without incident. Upon reaching the cell room, they see that the prisoners are gone and the camp above is deserted as well.

They make their way back to Valewood Hallow.



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