Chapter 2: Where there is smoke... there are kobolds setting fire to things

Homecoming Act 1: Session 2 - Played on Sunday December 7, 2008

The Arrival of Immerien

Immerien rode into Valewood before sunrise, riding from Marrowberry and well-rested from having stopped along the way. He was greeted by Shar'konin. After exchanging pleasantries, Shar'konin filled Immerien in on his travels and the group's arrival in Valewood.

FIRE! Get the Buckets!

Before they could complete their breakfast, a loud thunderous boom rang out and a slight tremble was felt.  Shar'konin ran to the window to see a stream of smoke billowing from a few blocks away. The others dashed to the stable to get their horses and he ran, on foot, to the source.

When they arrived they witnessed a towering Ogre throwing flaming keg into the surrounding buildings.  When the kegs would land, they would cause a small explosion, igniting the structure. A kobold warrior mounted on a raptor like lizard, commanding the ogre, could be seen prowling the streets. Christian and Arkhem immediately engaged the kobold while Immerien slunk down the alley to get a rear vantage point. While the two entered combat with the mounted kobold, a fire beetle controlled by the kobold emerged from under a flaming wagon.  It flanked Christian and sprayed from his its snout at him failing to aim properly. Shar'Konin engaged the beetle with a few bolts of ice which seemed to agitate the creature.

While the Shar'Konin tangled with the beetle, Immerien came up behind the ogre and threw a few shuriken at him.  They failed to penetrate his tough hide but managed to enrage him. Even though Christian attempted to divine challenge the ogre, he relentlessly perused Immerien. The battle seemed to be was going very well.

A loud crash came from a nearby storefront window as the bloodied corpse of the owner smashed though followed by another mounted kobold. This one carried a woman apparently abducted from the storefront.  Arkhem and Shar'Konin turned their attentions to the new kobold.  After being pounded with eldrict's blasts he was thrown from his mount.  Shar'Konin's sleep spell didn’t affect the kobold, but his mount failed to resist. The kobold attempted to remount but the as the spell took effect the mount collapsed spilling the kobold to the ground again.  Desperately he took the woman hostage holding his short sword to her throat. Without thought, Arkhem hit him with an eldritch blast throwing the coward back.  In the fray, the short sword managed to slash the woman's face severely causing extreme bleeding and eventual unconsciousness.

After the beasties were dispatched, a few of the constables rode in with the Dr. Drummond. Christian and the Doctor patched up all the injured while the constables investigated. The party was later told that there were 2 other, simultaneous attacks on the town, one to the east, this attack on the north and another about half way between. They all agreed that this was very obviously a coordinated strike by the kobolds and they were looking for something specific.  They also learned that this was the first attack within the city limits proving that the kobolds were getting bold.


Pictured Above, Dr. Drummond, and Contables, Charles Lennox and Henry Grey

Visiting the Families

Christian and Arkhem visited their families to make sure that all was well and to warn them of possible further attacks.

Christian visited his father's farm, now managed by his stepmother's new husband Templeton.  He wanted to make sure that his half sister's, Mia and Rosetta, were safe.  When he arrived Rosetta was out practicing with a short bow and was very glad to see him.  The distant relationship he had with his stepmother and her new husband still caused uncomfort.  He learned that Mia has taken up with the good Dr. Drummond and Templeton instructed Rosetta to accompany Christian back to town to make sure she was ok.  He also asked Christian to return when he has time for supper. Christian then visited Mia at the Doctor's home where he found the woman from the attack lying in a cot recovering from her attack.


 Pictured Above: Templeton O'Leary, Vivian O'Leary, Rosetta and Mia (Christian's Family)



 Pictured Above: Dr. Drummond and Lilly Tarmack (the abducted girl)


Arkhem returned home and escourted his mother to Sir Julius' (her father) home in the city. There he inquired more about the Black Brigade and the Knights from St. Milo's keep. Julius told him that Milo has only a skeleton crew left manning the keep and could probably not be of must help, but he will send notice to them none the less.



Pictured above: Charles Griffen Sr, Victoria Griffen, Charles Griffen Jr and Sir Julius O'Connell


A Trip to the Rampart and Planning a Possible Counter Attack


Back at the lamplighter's guild the guys regrouped to lick their wounds and prepare for a scouting mission to Old Kindle Rampart the next morning.  The next morning they woke early, ate some of Orchid's breakfast and headed out.  They reached the rampart at midday and walked the parameter.  They could see that the rampart was occupied, but couldn’t get a good look at the inhabitants or their numbers. They sketched a rough drawing the rampart from their memories of being there when they were kids exploring and playing in the ruins.  They decided to attempt to scout the location closer after dark.  They will then decide if the numbers are too great to attempt their counter assault.



Pictured Above: Old Kindle Rampart




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