Chapter 5: A Trip To Auguston

Homecoming Act 1: Session 5 - Played on Sunday February 1, 2009

The Return

The group needed to decided what to do with all the loot they got from the Necromancer's lab.  Shar'konin and Immerien cast a Tenser's Floating Disc ritual, which worked out very well, but they needed to move at a walking pace for it to keep up.  They decided to split up and have Arkhem and Immerien escort Luther back to Valewood Hallow while Christian and Shar'konin brought the loot back at their own pace.

When the first group arrived at the guild hall, Arkhem's mother and grandfather and Christian's sisters were there waiting.  They explained that the prisoners from the kobold camp went directly to the constable who in turn alerted their families of the situation. They decided to go to teh guild hall and wait for their return.  There was a happy reunion when they all saw their loved ones returned safely.

Orchid, as usual, sprung into action and served all sorts of food for the weary adventurers and made sure Luther was comfortable and fed.

Later, Christian and Shar'konin arrived and were greeted in a similar fashion.  The group, along with Julius (Arkhem's grandfather and former knight), then retired to Luther's study to discuss the situation. They agreed on the following actions:

  • Julius would alert the remaining knight posted at St. Milo of the impending Kobold assault.
  • Luther would stay behind to research the portals and other local lore of the necromancer.
  • Christian would travel to Auguston to send a message to his order to help banish the spirits and other creatures at Old Kindle
  • The others would visit one of Luther's friends, Master Fairfax at the Halls of Knowledge in Auguston to research a way to banish the portal of old Kindle and to investigate the involvement of Norman Gibson.

Auguston is a city that is owned by Baron August. All the farms and shops in the town were build by the Baron and are leased to master craftsman who are free to practice their craft, but are expected to supply the baron their service and wares when needed. It is a very good arrangement  for all considered and attracts the best artisans of the area.

A Sticky Situation

After the meeting they group agreed to take a well deserved rest for the rest of the night and leave in the morning for Auguston.  Ever since Immerien followed Arkhem to the Necromancer's resting place and witnessed him remove the amulet from the corpse and then subsequently lying to the others about it, Christian was pressuring Immerien into attempting to pick the amulet from Arkhem's pouch. So later that night Immerien did so.

Immerien waited until he was certain that Arkhem was asleep and slinked into his room.  He started searching though Arkhem's thing, but managed to wake him.  Arkhem confronted Immerien angrily and informed him that if he tried to steal anything from him again he would regret it greatly.

The next morning, Christian, knowing that Immerien was going to attempt to steal the amulet, pushed the issued even when Immerien made it clear that he did not want to discuss it. Finally Arkhem spoke up and admitted what had happened.  There was a heated conversation about the issue.  Clearly Arkhem was caught red handed lying to the group about his actions, but felt he was justified because the infernal being he has entered a packed with was his business and he may have to do things like this from time to time but he would always make sure that what he was doing was not dangerous and he would never do anything to harm his friends. Christian was angry that his friend had not trusted him with this information and was becoming increasingly confrontational.  Clearly Arkhem's cavalier attitude was getting to him.  Immerien did not want to let the situation reach this level and was perfectly happy with allowing it to pass and moving on with more pressing matters.

Finally Luther stepped in and began scolding his former student and tried to guild them to a peaceful resolution.  He took the amulet and studied it. He revealed that the small glass orb with an eyeball inside was a powerful magic item that would halt the natural aging of the wearer. He told Arkhem that he trusted that he would not do anything that would endanger the group and gave it back.  He told the group that they had more pressing matters and they should put this incident behind them.  he made everyone promise not to lie to one another, not to steal from one another and not to threaten one another again.

The Constable Visits the Hall

Constable Heart and Constable Thomas Stanley came to the guild hall that morning before the group as to leave for Auguston and asked to see Christian.  When Christian the constable proceeded to discuss the kobolds at Old Kindle.  He admitted that he should have been more proactive in the matter.  Thomas asked Christian if he saw any of the Baron's men while in the forests which immediately threw Christian into suspicion. Heart explained that when the first attacks began he sent word to Auguston asking for aid ridding the town of the Kobolds. The Baron's men arrived a few days later and told him to leave the matter to them.  He went on to explain that the men had some trough the town a number of other times since. Christian seemed satisfied with that explanation, but declared that if he finds out that Constable Heart is involved in any way that he would have to deal with him. Heart puffed out his cheat and lectured Christian about his undying loyalty to the town and its safety.  They parted ways most likely in no better grace with one another when before.

A  Trip to Auguston

That morning the gang made preparations and left for Auguston.  They traveled all day and arrived a few hours past dusk.  They came over the hill and saw the small town of Auguston nestled between two grand forests. They immediately got down to business and searched for the Hall of Knowledge.  Auguston is a small town with only one main road and a few tributaries.  Before long they found the Hall and made the long trek up the stone stairs to the grand doorway.  They entered and saw a man sitting behind a desk.  They approached him and Shar'konin presented a letter provided by Luther. The man made his way to the back and after 15 minutes a short stout dwarf with a commanding presence rounded some book shelves and beckoned the group to follow.  He led them to a sitting area in front of a large stone fireplace and offered them all a smoke. They discussed the contents of the letter which included the problems with the portals, the growing army of kobolds in Ashenwood and their account of Norman Gibson meeting with Gullivan.  He ordered the group to return in the morning before dawn to begin research.  He has Immerien and Shar'konin study the portals and rituals that may aid in banishing them and he had Arkhem read passages from the tomes of the Wandering Prophets.  Christian was going to go to the local temple to get aid in contacting the Order of the Raven Queen.

Enter… The Rider Edward Greene

After the meeting the gang decided to retire to the local Inn and Pub for a good night's sleep. When they entered they immediately noticed Normal Gibson and his men were there taking in some merriment. They ordered dinner and drinks and watched the locals go about their business.  Before long, a very outgoing and proper sort entered.  He was clad in a green cape, a green top hat and more large black riding boots.  He had long black hair and handlebar mustache. The man made quite a scene out of ordering a bottle of wine with a flare of showy magic. Arkhem and Shar'konin couldn’t resist themselves and walked up and introduced themselves. The man introduced himself as "The Rider" Edward Greene. They spent some time talking to him and made arrangements to meet tomorrow to discuss the commission of some magical items. It didn't take long to realize that The Rider was a little off his rocker but a talented wizard none the less. The group finally decided it was time to hit the sack and went up to bed.



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