Chapter 3: These Kobolds Smell Fishy

Homecoming Act 1: Session 3 - Played on Sunday December 21, 2008

Scouting Old Kindle Rampart

The guys decided it would be a good idea to split up and check out all sides of the rampart and as well see what can be seen in the valley to the cliff side.  They said they would meet back in an hour where they had left the horses.  They checked out the forested and grassy fields on the way noticing that the kobolds are not using the previous trail that led to the rampart.  They peered into the valley and saw that the entire cliff side had been overgrown with weeds, bushes, and trees. Arkhem theorized, based on the knowledge garnered from his grandfather, that the dragon's old lair may have been in the valley as opposed to the keep itself.  When they looked into the valley they couldnt make out any visible entrances to the valley from the cliff wall.

The Kobolds Mobilize for a Remote Meeting

On the way back from the scouting mission, Shar'konin noticed that there was some activity around the rampart.  They dug in and watched five kobolds march down the entrance stairs and into the woods.  There were 3 soldiers with spear and shield surrounding 2 others.  The visible leader wore bead braclets, necklace, and a feather headdress. The other that accompanied the leader carrying a large metal box.

They party decided to follow the troop into the woods to see where they were headed. After an hour and twenty minutes marching though the woods, the kobolds stopped in a clearing and waited.  The party theorized that they were waiting for someone or some thing for a meeting so they decided not to ambush. After a 15 minutes of waiting, a group of mounted humans emerged from the tree line. The men were clearly soldiers and upon closer examination, they appeared to be soldiers of the Baroney.  The clear leader of the group was not a solider but a man clad in fine looking traveling garb.

The man jumped off his horse and charged toward the lead kobold drawing a wooden riders crop.  He struck the kobold in the side of the skull. Everyone drew their weaponry. The lead kobold waved off his guardsmen. The man spoke up…

"Gullivan.  You have breached our bargin!  I clearly told you that there were to be no towns people touched!  This attack on Valewood Hallow is unacceptable."

Gullivan replied, "That was before Knights were called, Gibson!" 

"No knights were called by me or, to my knowledge, by the town. I have called off the constables, but if attacks such as these continue I cannot keep them from action!  The bargin was for out of town merchants and travelers!" shouted Gibson.

"We will keep to the trade road, Gibson." 

Gullivan then motioned to his aid who walked forward and surrendered the metal box to one of Gibson's men.  The man took the box behind Gibson, opened it, and began counting what was clearly coin. Gibson and Gullivan exchanged a few more harsh wordsincluded an accusation of withholding the agreed upon amount of coin. The shipment from Ashenwood was delayed was the excuse given by Gullivan.  Gibson then demanded 50% interest on the remainder of the coin.


 Pictured above: Gullivan and Gibson

A Taste of Their Own Medicine

After the meeting wrapped, the party scrambled back though the woods planning to ambush the kobolds when they were clear of the men.  They found an arrangment of boulders that would suffice. They knew the kobolds came this way before. It was perfect. When the beast trudged though the formation, Christian charged shouting a battle cry to the Raven Queen as Arkhem threw an Eldritch Blast. the Kobolds scattered as the men cut though them like butter. Shar'Konin used his frost magic freeze the life out of them, as Immerien tore through them easily with his dagger.

They knew at this point that there was something more going on than previously met the eye.  Is the Baron himself involved or is this, Gibson, a rogue agent?  There's no time to investigate further for Luther is still missing. Is Luther a one of the abducted or did he learn too much and become a prisoner of Gibson and his men. They party decided to follow their original plan and investigate the Rampart.

Don't Try To Sneak with a Sunrod and Light Spell Active.

Immerien approached the south wall of the rampart and easily scaled the ruined stone. He fixed a grappling hook and rope to solid stone and threw the end to the others.  He hid himself in a dark corner of the wall hoping not to be seen by the prowling kobolds.  as the others made their way up the rope, a kobold in fact emerged from the tower and walked down the stairs.  He did not notice Immerien there and the rogue sprung into action.  He grabbed the kobold by the head and buried his dagger into the creatures armpit.  The force was so great that it expired without a sound. After the others finally reached the top of the wall, they all slunk up the stairs to the cliffside wall and found another kobold standing watch. This time Immerien used his eladrin teleport to appear behind the watchman and buried his dagger into his throat, dispatching him.

Then Christian, Shar'Konin, Arkhem, and Immerien began scowering the rear portion or the ruined rampart.  They made their way though the nearest watch tower and out on to the room of the first ruined building.  They ran across a crumbling bridge between the buildings onto a long over forgotten and overgrown courtyard on top of the second building.  Immerien scouted out the far side tower, while Christian followed.  Shar'konin decended an unsafe stone stair case that led down the side of the building to see what he would see. He witnessed a lone kobold walking across the ground floor courtyard toward a light around the front side of the second building.   Arkhem made his way to the front of the second building roof and peered over.  A small encampment of kobolds and their riding drakes were set up just under the stone overhang of the ruined structure.

When returning from the front of the roof, a watchman kobold came to the edge of the wall and spotted Arkhem.  The kobold ran away and sounded a loud horn that could be heard all over the rampart grounds.  The group scrambled up the tower towards the wall when they met a team of kobold coming to dispatch them. The kobolds had the high ground but it didnt phase the heroes and the cut though them like a knight though hot butter. Immerian saw a few more kobolds come up from the bottom floor so the gang ducked into the second floor of the ruined rampart.  They explored some long unused area of the rampart eventually coming out to the encampment area.  Arkhem ran to a locked chest and investigated while Shar'Konin ransacked a cot and leather sack with only yeilded old dirty clothing.  Arkhem on the otherhand found a large metal gauntlet and leather skullcap with goggles weaved into them.  Shar'Konin confirmed that the items were both magical. While the two searched the room, the others readied themselves to attack the remaining Kobolds.  the groups has a standoff for a bit but ended up clashing swords ending in victory for the heroes.

They then decided to find a safe dark room to take a breather and get some first aid.



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